Avatar drifts, locations not working


Latest windows version (1068) has a couple of small new issues,
Avatar continues to drift after moving and stopping, opening chat seems to stop it, but every time I move, he continues to drift until I do something else.

Also locations are behaving differently, now it seems to require an explicit @ or # to find person or place, except it never finds my places anymore, they still appear on the list of my locations but known locations just return a “That address could not be found”, crashing when trying to TP from name in chat.


I have seen the drift happen to my avatar regulair to, not always. but its dont stop always when you release the key


Looks like the drift is replaced for something worse. My avatar or the world sometimes jump a bit away from the location the avatar is staying. also sometimes its shaking the world a bit. More seen the problem ? Seems for me that it happens with scripts and entitry’s./ For some reason am ending a few times now below the voxel floor


Seems 'My Locations" is broken for me on windows. the changed the layout. but you cannot get home now. clicking on the name is not doing anything.


@Richardus there will be a fix merged in the next couple of hours to fix the issue where clicking on a location name does not bring you to it