Avatar Flow Help


This is probably a noob question, but oh well

I have a custom avatar I’m working on that I want to add Flow to.

This is what the avatar looks like in Maya. I want the hair to stay generally in this pose, but move dynamically within it. (If you’re familiar with VRChat and the Dynamic Bones script, that’s how I want it to behave)


Now when i put this avatar in HiFi and use Flow, the hair goes completely limp and ignores the pose i had set up for it. Oh, and it clips through the ground. Is this how Flow is supposed to behave?

Is there a setting I haven’t tried that will allow the hair to move within the pose I defined for it?


Nice Avatar :grinning:

Short answer, little to none gravity and high stiffness, getting it right is just trial & error.

inquiring more. given that the hair goes limb i assume you have the bones named correctly and i guess that by “use flow” you mean that you are running the flow.js script un-edited?

the suggested procedure is to run flowapp.js (kill flow.js first) this is a tablet app that lets you play around with the settings and once you’re happy, copy the data into flow.js.
I suggest renaming you’r new ‘custom’ flowscript to something like flow_bighairthing.js to distinguish it from the vanilla flow script.

follow this and you should be good, it not, cry help again: