Avatar folding issue


I ran into a repeatable (at least for me, right now) issue when using first person and pause.

If I switch to first person view, then set to pause with the . (period) key, then hit any key to unpause and then set to third person view I end up looking like this:

luckily it can easily be fixed with the ’ (apostrophe) key or by using the reset sensors menu item.


My guess: That looks the ‘improved’ auto-kneel when afk/paused feature at work. The animation they use is probably incompatible with your avatar’s bones metrics.


I think you have the pre post option on under developer avatar
We need to stop all use of none Blender based animations and make Blender anims the standard let the maya user struggle
I suspect all the alphas use blender
The revolution starts here :smiley:


@Judas you were right, I did have pre post on. But when I turned it off, same thing happens, in fact it happens even in 3rd person when I pause and unpause.

And what is worse, now when I log in, I am in that pose until I reset sensors.

Is beginning to think that HiFi hates me…


You forget user satisfaction isn’t a priority hifi is focused on the rift and only the rift and even if you have a rift or perhaps 2 then they are focused on some different people with rifts and not you.