Avatar in Settings -> avatar paste url use cache


Why are the cache problems after 1 year still not fixed. or at least add a RELOAD button. Just testing Makehuman avatar.

And you can guess. made a errors. so delete and reupload new one. No change. Try it again x3. Then the red light started to turn on.

That stupid cache again ! Tried it by using the terrible solution ?v=1 Very bad solution because it triggers soon or later cache loads. (when you lost count)

Add reload button to settings -> avatar -> appereance or do not use cache when url is pasted.


For the cache flush method (aka parameters), You can put what ever, you don’t have to write a number just as long as it is a random value.
for example ?oiasjflkjalkfjas is just as valid as ?1i2oghey1u98ryu9812yurfih just long as it is different.

The thing is that is going to stick around: Its an issue with anything that is on hosted on the web.

it is very easy to get around with the cache flush, youll just have to get used to using it.


Did that. Very bad todo. because it seems i trigger pretty quick the same key. Instead High fidelity could have add a reload button. that just add uuid at the end, or some other number.

The just make things more complex then needed. :frowning: