Avatar inventory and marktplace problems


Ok first, I think Highfidelity, as an open platform, is the better solution for a 3D internet. In this role is it sure interesting for commercial users. But I think, it is not an alternative to the second life user. Why?

The second life user are used to it edit freely their avatars. They can edit the skin, the shape, the tattoos and the texture clothes. Ok, texture clothes are not state of art, but it is not unimportant. Par example: you have boots and pants from different manufactures. A mesh pants is problematic with the boots. You can better fit the outfit with boots and a texture pants. In Highfidelity the only one possibility is attach or detach a mesh object.

Does Highfidelity underestimate how important editable avatars are? The next fact leads to the next problem. If you want edit your avatar, then you need an inventory. A normal user will not have an own server, and so he does not have an inventory. He can use only finished avatars. For solutions of third part enterprises is the avatar API not enough.

You would can rent an inventar place, or you can use a git hub. But i think, this are not alternatives for a normal user. Git hub is to difficult, and by second life they do not know it to pay for the core features.

The marktplace is not without problems too. If you want use the marktplace you need an own server. Only the urls get the customer, the content is of your server. The own server caused costs. In this case I can not sell objects, I should rent my objects, and this is not a way, but in Highfidelity the avatars has not an inventory.

I do not know Sansar. But if it has all the core features of second life and it is state of the art, in this case I fear, a second life user go to Sansar and not to Highfideltiy.

Is that wrong? What is your opinion?


Agrees with avatars

Re the marketplace. Hi-fi host all the content on it freeee


It seems they expect that the avatar market comes from 3rd party, where you would build your avatar, customize it with different assets, create and sell, buy avatar assets there too. HF could support many of these 3d party avatar providers. The problem, for now, is that there is not really any that is working very well. And it does need at least one to start the thing. We will have to be patient, VR, is still a bit a prototype.

I wouldn’t be too much worry about where the SL people will go…


There used to be discussion threads about the marktplace, with the topics sell of objects and the protection of the rights on it.


@"I wouldn’t be too much worry about where the SL people will go…"
It is difficult to say, what will happen. It is possible, that not very much users of second life go to an other virtual world. Out the reason that you can not take the purchased objects to an other virtual world.

@"We will have to be patient, VR, is still a bit a prototype."
Highfidelity is in the beta state now. I think, there will be no major changes until the release. But later may be too late.

But thats all is a question of the general goal.


That’s why they might think twice before jump into another closed market, which is what is currently built the other side of the fence.


Not so sure… there is still some important piece to come if I have understand well, mainly about identity and proves of ownership. But well, maybe I’m wrong.


Painfull, for a beta lot’s of things are wrong and incomplete. I still cannot see hifi as beta product. public alpha sounds better. Especially with how many things are wrong implemented, still not fxt or break.

Lack of keep dteamVR from loading at startip is one of the biggest problems.
The placement tools are still alpha state and did need a correct fix 15 months ago. Sad, it’s still n terrible state that let you curse regulair.
The not did spend enogh time to make the desktop side good, INSTEAD, the made things worse !

Simple the modt basic requirements are still missing, things you expect in beta. Without that hifi is a pretty useless platform and hell for creators.

High Fidelity ignores what is needed, instead the are blinded by HMD and not see anything else.

Beta ? The can say it’s beta. but it does not look and feel beta

The last thing that’s many times in my. mind i go not write…


Half filled or half empty… hum… it depend how you want to see it.