Avatar Loading Problem


I need help troubleshooting what’s wrong with my HiFi setup. I’ve got the standard Matthew photorealistic avatar. I can see and hear everything okay, and other avatars can hear me when I’m at the Welcome center, but my avatar is invisible to them. I also get the Loading Content message, which keeps running and does not go away. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the HiFi software and I cannot fix this problem.

I have an Intel i5-6600 CPU with a GeForce GTX 1080 GPU so the problem is not the computer (I can run other virtual reality programs without problem).

What can I do to troubleshoot this problem? Is there a ticket system for problem reports that I can use? Thanks in advance.


What internet connection speed you have ?


I ran the Shaw Speed Test and I have 22.3 Mbps download and 2.16 Mbps upload. Is the problem that my Internet connection is not fast enough for HiFi? I haven’t seen any specs anywhere on what minimum speed of Internet connection HiFi requires, just a list of minimum hardware specs.



It turns out that a) I have a very old cable modem and b) I’m only getting about half the Internet connection speed I’m supposed to. I’m upgrading my service to 150 Mbps on Friday and I hope that that will resolve my problems.


A 20Mb DL is good. A 2Mb UL is marginal but should work. But, what really matters is the UDP bandwidth. HF uses UDP for pretty much everything except bulk model and texture downloads,. So, you need a minimum of 3Mb UDP download capability in that 20Mb overall bandwidth. I mention this because UDP packets are the first things to get tossed during network congestion. The router, cable modem and WiFi access points are all pinch points and they need sufficient buffers to minimize tossed packets. Any older WiFi APs are simply not good enough. You need a decent N300 or AC access point. Of course direct Ethernet to your router is good too.

I have NetGear Pro gigabit switches, a NetGear Nighthawk X6 AC WiFi access point. My net connection varies from 30/30Mb to 50/50Mb (depeds on rain).


OK I have just had my cable modem upgraded to 170 Mbps download speed and it fixed my avatar loading problem. Thanks.

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