Avatar Nudity / Making an Avatar From Video Source


Can I have a nude avatar or can my avatar just be wearing underwear? And is there an easy way to make one from a video? I found two videos I’d like to use for inspiration but i don’t really know how to model things Video 1 [nsfw] Video 2 [nsfw]


MakeHuman models (which are free) are nude by default. You could use that. You’ll have to re-rig yours to the HF skeleton, though.

If you’re asking whether nudity is actually allowed in HF’s public domains, I don’t know, but within your own private domain, you can wear whatever you want (including nothing at all!).


Nudity is domain specific.

All the hifi welcome wagon areas are PG however and the rules in them state that you have to keep them SFW. Rest are a subject of just modesty and domain specific.

Your own domains are subject just the rules imposed by where that domain is hosted at.


Yes there is are easy ways to make avatar from a video.
Unfortunately there is no way for YOU to easy make one from video, unless you’re a skilled program of can afford to hire one as the software isn’t publicly available.

First step: Make a nude human shape space.
This you can do with The MPII Human Shape tools and MakeHuman

Then you need a pose and shape from image estimator like Keep it SMPL: Automatic Estimation of 3D Human Pose and Shape from a Single Image or Estimating Human Shape and Pose from a Single Image
They do it from a single image and it shouldn’t be hard to to extent it to multiple photos.