Avatar problem from blender to high fidelity


This soemthing for @Menithal i think.
I try to update my avatar, or at least have the option to change things.
I always used a Mixamo avatar. And still do. The problem is that i can only use V1.3. 1.5 does not start and does not have the correct body. And 1.3 have no auto rigging anymore.

So, i would think, easy fix. get my old avatar, remove body but keep skeleton.

Then import the avatar i have saved from mixamo and converted as FBX and saved it with textures. In the project with the skeleton.

Export it with this settings

Then pack it in high fidelity and upload it to webspace
But… my avatar keeps standing in a T-Pose. Also movement get locked.
And i need to relog before i can move the avatar again.

Why is something simple like this so difficult ? It must be something small i do wrong in blender. But soemone need to teel me what. The avatar the skeleton comes from and the avatar i want to use it for are the same ones. only different clothing. I fix later glossiness etc.


Not sure what you mean V1.3 or by 1.5. No such versions exist yet of the Plugin:

Just use the Blender Plugin I created, Many have used it and had their avatars work just fine, just throw away the mixamo stuff because honestly no one else uses them anymore.

Are you sure you are using Version 0.6.4 or later of the Blender Plugin on Blender 2.79 or later. Because when you do so you do not need to mess with any of the FBX settings, just leave it as is when you export.

Otherwise you will need to do the autoweights of the avatar to get it working. You cant just copy paste stuff because mixamo bones are named differently than the bones from the skeletons. (mixamo:: prefix)

If you need step by step, check the preview demo of the armature binding:


No i use the mixamo avatar and mixamo 1.3
But you cannot auto rig it anymore with the fuse 1.3.
So i want to copy the rig from my old one.
Into the new created object, made with fuse 1.3

Not sure if this tool you talk about is compatible with mixamo. And yes i wil keep using mixamo for a while. Because it’s simple. And have the avatar i need.

It will take way longer before i can make my own one.
Unless you know how to use makehuman with high fidelityor your blender tool ?

Ok, i cannot throw mixamo away before i found something better to create easy avatar. Only solution is what i say makehuman.

Other ready to use avatar creator software is still welcome if you know something that works with high fidelity.

I watch the video above tomorrow.


You can still make them in fuse, then use the plug in to do the rigging rather than mixamo


Then, i need to look at that. if that works. it also works with makehuman.

@Menithal There’s no voice in that video ?

That would be bad. Because you not see much on the screen. because everything is so tiny. Without voice it’s hard to understand what happens. Hope i figure it out,

Need to use software magnifier to see what’s going on !

Ok, i just tried it. I got very quick stuck.
I don’t see what hapens on the video.
there no voice comments… Important parts seems to go to fast. On top it’s already something difficult.

Curious what happens with morph3D.
That did have problems to like sliders without numbers

High Fidelity need auto rigger. import avatar.
And it rigs it. Optional with some user adjustments


@Menithal There’s no voice in that video ?

No, it is just a demonstration of the plugin not a tutorial. Tutorial one will be available later.


Just a questiin and hit that can help many.
If you make offcial tutorial, set the font bigger with blender dpi. Or some other add on what tells what you do ? That could be very usefull for tutorial.


One of the things that makes a rigging an avatar tutorial tricky is
somtimes auto weights work great other times they dont
once they dont you get into the what to do next explination
that sadly is more than a 5 minute tutorial .
Menethals plug in cures the vast amount of annoying repetative stuff
but good weight painting still requires an understanding of the concepts and whats actually happening
plus it needs a good dolop of artistic work to make everything move as it should

I understand all this stuff and it still drives me crazy
because there are descrepancies between how blender and hifi display a weighted rig
so i end up going between hifi and blender over and over, observing adjusting and re observing
till im happy with the result.