Avatar Recording Feature


Hey, all. How many folks are using the Avatar Recording feature?

I recently made a change that had a side-effect of breaking old recordings. New recordings should work fine, but old ones, not so much.


Is the recorder.js script going to be fixed too? It was the one that I used most because it was quick and simple with no need to search through log files to find the recording and then have to find the atp asset, save it to disk, rename it, upload it to where I host stuff etc.

If it will not be fixed then the two instances of it should be removed from the example scripts.


I intend to use this feature quite extensively in the next 4 to 8 weeks upon the arrival of my PrioVR mo-cap suit. I’ve been waiting literally YEARS for the opportunity to quickly and easily capture live action for use on NPC’s.

I’m actually working with locally sourced talent from CCM, and DAAP at the University of Cincinnati, as well as youths from CPA.

If the video link provided is still an accurate representation of how to use this tool, I should be able to test this out today ((no mocap)) and get back to you.



I still miss the idea of recording yourself This is very powerful but won’t work in every place you decide to do recording by the way what is the formats is using for the recording


I’m going to attempt to do this by running both scripts on one avatar. I’ll let you and everyone know how it goes either way.