Avatar Setting Menu Gone?


What happened to it? In the latest release, under ‘Settings’, Avatar has disappeared, and I can no longer import a .fst url to customize my appearance, as described at the bottom of this document:

Is it no longer an option, or did the method change?



Must be too intuitive :wink:

They had to indicate that it wasn’t to destroy your current bookmark… That was already a good indicator. :wink:

I created one avatar bookmark yesterday… I still don’t understand why it displays 32 wearables on it (while I don’t use any)


Its also not clear if it creates a bookmark for an avatar everytime u paste in a link


The fact that the “Add to Favorite” is not a button and looking as the title of the section is confusing.

“Add to Favorite” must be a button and be under the fst selector and teh wearable selector.
Since we do that only if we are happy of the 2 first elements.


Got it! Thanks thanks :smiley: