Avatar Skeleton - Attachment Desync


It seems like when you are moving, attachments follow the skeleton. However the Skeleton does not keep up with the avatar.


Thanks for reporting this. It’s something we’ve noticed as well, but it haven’t gotten around to fixing.


I’ve added it to our internal bug tracker tho. It’s something we definitely want to get fixed.


@Menithal, you show the bones and the mesh. May I ask, how you do this?


Debug > Avatar > Show Joint Skeleton (or something in that direction currently not able to check :slight_smile: )


Thanks @Menithal, I have found it. I have wanted to see it with my own avatar, because I haven’t understood, why your mesh dos move in an other way, than the bones. If I look at my avatar, so the bones are fully connected with the mesh.


I was in the sandbox domain where this was more noticable when moving aggreesively, but basically it seems to bones and attachments are simply “lagging” behind the actual avatar. This also seems to occur when users of hand devices move their hands really quick.

Easiest way to test this is move side to side and change direction every now and then when you have Attachments on. @Triplelexx pointed this out to me earlier so reported it here.