Avatar Speed Limit


Hey @Adrian or @Coal during sub-section of Earth it can be noticed my velocity is throttled when walking along roads or sidewalks.

I’d like to enforce this “speed limit” elsewhere.

How did you accomplish this? I’m asking in forum for the rest of the Alphas to see the answer.

Thanks in advance.


I think walking by default throttles users. If you’d fly you probably break the barrier :slight_smile: Unless there is a zone setting i dont know of (could be enforced by scripts too me thinks)


Agreed and confirmed. I tend to buzz around Earth until I “land” on the sidewalk and then I am forced to remain grounded and within speed constraint. Hoping to ping them about how they accomplish it. Could it be integrated into walk.js perhaps?


I think you get the slower walk when you put a entity box under your feet. i did that on my parcel too so i can walk. it’s easy to check if gravity is turned on and your avatar is pulled to the floor.

Thats only thing sofar that change the speed.


Bloody speed limit? they will be removing the human rights act next o.0


I was experimenting when @Menithal was helping @Judas set up the colisions for Judas’s little terrain.

At first I tried applying the fbx url into the Compound Shape URL to get a physical road,and eventually figured out that if you set the Shape type dropdown to “Box” then it becomes physical just like an entity, it doesnt need a shape url if it is a simple box shape.


so therefore it employs the properties as mentioned by @Richardus.Raymaker?


Hi All,

The speed limit whilst moving on a surface was set at 2.5 m/s a while ago, as this is a good approximation of real human walking speeds (according to wikipedia). This is controlled by Interface’s code.

However, under certain conditions it can peak out at around 2.8 m/s.

Man, I should get out more!

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