Avatar Standard Compendium


I’m getting this error: “Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones”. The only thing I did was to import this mesh that don’t have any vertex group or blend shape. After that I just move the bones in edit mode, non rotation, all the movement was done using along the normals.


Nevermind, found the problem, I forgot to separate the inner mouth, eyes and eyebrows…


Working very good so far, but I’m having this problem, the mesh is a little bit on top of the floor not sure why… the origin of the mesh is 0,0,0.


Were you using Blender 2.77 for this? Whats were you export settings?


I tested this on the 2.77, not caused by that. (infact, it corrected my avatar from sinking on the ground)

It looks like your scaling is off for either the skeleton or the mesh. Did you make sure that the all the scale values for the mesh were the same as the Armature? Do not change the scale values of the armature, the values of the mesh must match these values while looking and working correctly.


Interesting, yea I will have to do some more tests, I did not scale the bones, only move them in their respected axis using the normal option intead of global for the gizmo. Maybe that is what is causing the problems. Next one I will adapt the mesh to the armature.


Thanks @menithal. i go test that skeleton in some time. See if i have more lucky in HiFy then in OS with my idea.


Bumping the thread just for the meeting :slight_smile:



Bastioni model, it seems to be working (still can’t figure it out how to get proper adjustments for the hands without the eyes and inside mouth so I don’t get errors). I had to do automatic weights but after upload and test I get this error message. After I hit ok it resets the avatar (yes I did export with the bones trying different export options, all of them gives me the same error).


The error messages comes from when the bones of the avatar do are not bound through the fst file. You have to package the avatar first and use the fst file instead as the url.
Unfortunately, not sure how that works with the APT.


I updated the thread with corrected bone structures, more details on Blendshapes, and added an FBX file for non blender users (this is a test in progress)


we need tails and animal ear fixtures for on top for animal avatars :sunglasses:


Updated The standard to include some of the newer ideas that could be worked with.

  • Removed EyeSockets from standard (skeleton is to yet to be updated)
  • Added morph Bones, added example of adjusting an avatar
  • Removed morph Blendshapes


Hi Menithal, I pulled the skeleton blend file from the 5 Feb '16 post above, but is there a place where a more recent version (I assume there is one over a year later) can be obtained?


There werent any major changes to the skeleton structure, just the spec.

Even the EyeSockets one was fixed in a client update recently.


Excellent! Thanks. Over the past few weeks I inadvertently learned how to rig in Blender. Time to put that to use.

If it is stable now, it might be worth adding the file link to the avatar instructions over on HiFi-Docs.


download link in OP for the fbx version of a working skeleton is just containing a sphere… no skeleton in here. Can you please update?
Imported in 3DS Max 2018


@PROTOFACTOR Ah! Thanks for mentioning that, ill upload a new version of this and the skeleton, once I get out of office. Meanwhile you can use this as a base line, which is the new version I have been working on on the side:



awesome! Thanks a lot for this. Will give it a shot.