Avatar Standard Compendium


Even though it’s a bit of an older reply, tails are doable already with a bit of animating of scripting:

As for ears… I’ll have something done when I’m not being lazy.


Infact The Standard did include them from the very begining just to have them addressed as simulated via scripts :smiley:


Please add info about scaling. Both myself and a friend tried to bring VRC avatars over that are scaled in meters and work great in Unity/VRChat but when brought into High Fidelity they have huge collider boxes that push everyone around in the room. This happens even though the model appears as the correct and expected size in High Fidelity.

We are told to do crazy things like scale our avatars up 100x and then down. Or to scale our avatar to 0.1.

Anyway, to keep it short: Info on what scaling settings and unit settings to use in Blender and the FBX exporter to make sure you are doing exactly what you should be doing as far as scale goes.


The blender plugin, has scaling stuff mostly addressed as when you exceed 2.3m it will rescale you to 1.9. it has the fst export built in and I put some logic behind it to not have to tinker with.

The main issue with the scaling however is that it is package dependent and the fst file overrides any others.


Updated Standard to reflect some of the discoveries:

In short

All the other blendshapes, other than

Using all the other available blenshapes for custom morphs other than intended is relatively fine as of the moment, but notice that doing using them for anything else than as specified, is not following the standard to its fullest intent, and will not allow for the avatar to support any facetracking solutions build ontop of the standard. Such avatars should be marketed as such.

Can be used for something else entirely, but at your own risk, incase facetracking ever makes a comeback.



I have been looking for that for AGES


Was such a cool program can see why apple bought it


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