Avatar Summer Needs Home Working Progress


I’m making a summer avatar for the summer of course

I would like everybody’s opinion of what they feel about it and they would make any minor changes obviously everybody has a different opinion but still would like to hear from you

I have no way of storing this with the team be able to help out here with people like it ? @chris


The hips are 2 wide, should be the same as the shoulder width.


Yeah, wide hips do make it look a little “off,” maybe narrow them down a bit at least.


It looks fine to me. The body shape gives it some character. just what you need in toon land.


The hips are mabye a litte bit to width. but the first impression where. nice avatar.
If it’s easy to make a picture with smalelr hips we can compare.


Boy am I ever glad I wasn’t the one to say “she’s got a bit of a fat arse!” lol (but hey, it’s trendy these days!


here is a close-up on her face still needs tweaking a little but getting there

I’ve also stretched out her shoulders a tiny bitand sorted out her hips


Perhaps a tiny hint of forehead crease lines, maybe some freckles to lessen the plastic sheen look that often happens to avatars.


The proper fix for that plastic look is an implementation of subsurface scattering but I don’t know when our rendering engine will support that.


Agreed, but since specular and subsurface scattering & diffusion is missing, adding some surface details helps a lot.


Nice. No need to constrain to ‘perfect’ body proportions. Differences add character and realism, IMO.


Okay next step to see how it looks when it uploads this is how it looks so far


Seems pretty good little bit of tweaking maybe but I’m pretty happy with the results in HF
and she even smiles