Avatar Textures


Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the textures used by your avatar using script at run time. From what I’ve seen I don’t think it’s possible, but wanted to check on here before I gave up trying.

As background I’m wanting to have the ability to switch the texture on my avatars T-Shirt without having to reload the entire avatar. I have switching full avatar with custom textures working, but it’d be much cleaner to be able to have a base avatar and change the textures only.

Thanks, Madders


Yes it is.

Parenting Material Entities. to the avatar or entity allows you to swap material information on, sub-geometry, or replacing a material with anew one. Unfortunately, no official documentation currently has how to use them, and there is no UI for them, but the community has figured them out partially.

More information to follow once I get home to give some demonstrations to the desktop where I have the documentation, but one that uses it is like the material painter gun at TheSpot.


Excellent, that sounds great thanks. One of the last pieces I needed to confirm for my avatar outfit switching app.