Avatar thoughts


I cannot wait to look at the daz avatars for high fidelity.
The always look bery good. And it seems the only replacement avatar for the existing one i use.

Only question i have with daz avatars is the clothing ? And how can other people make and sell clothing ? So besides i like them, i still have a pile of questions.

Looking at Chat Features

You know, even back when SL had only the now termed legacy av system, there were a number of merchants making pre-made, boxed avs. It wasn’t a made-from-scratch mesh av (which didn’t even exist then), it was often a case of them having made adjustments to a shape so it had a particular look (i.e. more muscular vs more beanpole) applied a skin they’d made (once LL introduced the ability to apply textures to the av) and sometimes some clothes that fit the theme that packaged av was going for (green jungle savage warrior from Venus!)… so, no, I don’t really anticipate Daz av support killing the potential av-maker business in HiFi. It might put a dent in made-from-scratch HUMAN avs that aren’t Daz-devised. On the other hand, those who’d make new, boxxed avs for HiFi can now also turn around and sell them to those who’d use them in Daz Studio to make art renders and comic-book narratives, too. And that might also include the totally-made-from-scratch nonhuman avs, too, assuming the rigging works the same in Daz Studio as it does here.


Will you be able to Morph those Daz models while inside a world?


I would hope you’d be able to… otherwise we’d all be stuck with the out-of-the-box avs. I can’t imagine it’d be that hard for someone to devise one or more easy to use Daz av morph adjuster add on scripts for Interface, though.


I did understand that it get morph options. but not inside high fidelity. So best to wait and see.


Could be through a simple, stand-alone program that lets you adjust the appearances of the av, then save the morph out as something ready to load into Interface, though if they get something like that, why couldn’t it just bolt onto Interface in some way directly?

Anyway, yeah, time will tell.