Avatar trouble @ozan


Hi I was trying to play with you meri avatar in blender and ran into a problem that it kinda holding me up.
When I open the fbx model the bone names get the word mixamorig added to the beginning of the bone name.this breaks the links in the fst when I export the fbx file
jointIndex = mixamorig_LeftShoulder = 68
compared to your original fst
jointIndex = LeftShoulder = 38

I have to manually change all the entries in the fst to get it all working.
I asked @Derric_Foggarty to have alook at the fbx model in max and the bone names for him also have the mixamorig prefix attached

Eventually i would like to mod some of the rigs but at the moment I cant open your builds and save them without them breaking the fst links.

I believe you use max, is removing the mixamorig prefix an option you have set? or just something it does by default?

*i can manually change everything but its a pain in the arse, and id like to make some of these avatars into things we can customize and play with and make up some videos so everyone can have a go at it.


Hi Judas,

Your observations are correct. The skeletal rig has the prefix “mixamorig” before each joint. That’s because this skeleton was created in mixamo and then later bound to the mesh. Our skeletons don’t require the prefix. For example, I could have removed the prefix for each joint, but as you pointed out it would be time consuming.

When Interface uploads the skeleton, it figures out the joint mapping based on the hierarchy of the skeleton. Then maps the joints to a numeric value. See attached.

If you want to change the rig, I’d suggest downloading the rig, making your modifications then re-uploading so that Interface can re-map the joints.

Let me know, what exactly you’d like to change. I can try it here and check any roadblocks. We can also meet in world to talk through any issues.



The problem im getting if i try to re use your fst and fbx. is that blender when re exporting the fbx adds in the word"mixamorig". your fst dosent contain the word but the fbx must somewhere.
This means when i come to re upload it breaks.
to fix it i have to rename all the bones in the fst to make it work
your images above illustrate the problem that your bone names and joint index names are different.


Thanks for the note, Judas.

The “mixamorig” prefix is in the original rig. It is added to the joint names by the Mixamo autorigger ([https://www.mixamo.com/upload_character][1]). [1]: https://www.mixamo.com/upload_character
It is not added by Blender.

If you make changes to the rig, I recommend using the File > Upload Skeleton Model feature to reupload the rig.

Have you tried that? You shouldn’t have to rename the bones.

Let me know. We’ll figure it out.



Hi thanks for the reply, if i dont rename the bones the uploaded avatar crashes the viewer, meaning i have to delete the ini file to get back in.

I’m just hoping to get to a solution where its a easy job for a novice modeller to be able to save a public model file from the hifi server, load it in blender change a few material colours and load it straight back in without needing to re rig it , set it up in face shift and sort out all the bone names.

I can do all this stuff the long way, Id just like to help get other people into it, cos its more fun like that


Cool chatting, Judas.

Give it a try to put the asset through Faceshift, recreate the Faceshift FST and then re-upload from there.

Let me know how it goes.



Got there after plenty of swearing,