Avatar without skeleton, game crashes every time I join


I accidentally imported an Avatar without skeleton a while back and now interface crashes every time I try to start it.

It says something like “Your avatar has no skeleton, the default avatar will be loaded.”, then interface stops to respond.

What can I do to reverse this and get back into High Fidelity again?


Do you get option at startup to start with a clean configuration file (ini)
Most easy is to start with a clean ini file.
You can delete it manual from your user directory. It’s in %appdata% and then high fidelity
Delete interface.ini. you can make a copy of it to or rename it.

you can type appdata in “this pc” and hit enter.

Complete path would be something like this.
C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity


Thank you! That fixed the issue! :slight_smile: