Avatar/world texture/render issue resolved (debian/ATI)


Found the issue causing the effect pictured here. Combination of 2 things:

1 - the shader requirements snuck past what MESA 10.3.2 was capable of (installed fglrx driver - and the several megabytes of cruft that goes along with it! and the general flakeyness of the closed driver!) until MESA 10.4.1 hits the repos, then will test against that. That fixed the texture issues on my avatar and my world.

2 - the ‘rocker’ avatar body is no longer compatible with the render engine - the huge figure in front, once textured, turned out to be the clothing layer (leaving Mr Rocker in his shorts). Fixed by changing to a newer body.

(There might need to be a clean-up of the avatar list - quite a few strait-out crash Interface - eg, FSM - and there are more that no longer render correctly).


I see MESA 10.4.2 just entered Debian/unstable today. I will give it a few days to settle in (unstable software is unstable :slight_smile: ) and then see how it goes and get back.

(It would be nice if I can get ATI’s proprietary fglrx drivers off my system again - they have some non-critical but annoying-to-work-around quirks).


Re the avatars list agrees its a mess.so much in there.
we need to create a new empty avatars folder folder leave the old folder on the server so if u want something you can save it out and re upload it to the new location.


I agree. I need to go in and clean it up. Hands up, who wants to send me a list of ones that are not working?


cant we move them all out, and just put back the ones that are working?


@judas, go and have a look at them. I did a first pass yesterday.


Just (re)installed the OSS Radeon driver with the letest MESA 10.4.2 from Debian/unstable and all appears good so far.

Yay to not having to muck around with binary blobs again!
(or the cpu-core-hogging OpenGL zombie processes AMD’s fglrx driver causes)