Avatars appear as spheres in load test


I Am in load test and all avatars appear as purple spheres.


I encountered the same problem … just a few avatars rendered in a sea of purple balls.


I had all avatars visible for once. In addition, since I host my avatar on the same server as my domain, I was able to have this also stress test my server’s ability to send my avatar.

Overall, doesn’t look too bad. As for vnstat:

Rx Tx Total Avg. Rate
102.74 MiB 1.69 GiB 1.79 GiB 197.59 kbit/s

So hopefully my avatar was able to be loaded for those who could see me.


It was all there for me too. More stable than the last time.


Yeah, I got nothing but purple orbs. by the end, after almost an hour, a few models hand rendered, but perhaps only a handful, and they only had a few frames of animation.


Laggy as well as covered in spheres here. Disconnected users would turn into ‘ghosts’ frozen in place until I rebooted the client which made handshaking with my friends (who were crashing constantly) impossible.


It worked pretty good, a few seconds i did have purple spheres.
Everything worked good. you would ot say there where 300+ avatars. Except with the audio that droped and talking where a bit harder.

I loved it.


Well, all fantastic on my side.
I have seen only one or two spheres.
Only some audio dropping over the time.
No delay of my avatar and the others.

I like this stuff!
My location: Austria, Europe!!!
Man, I wish I’ll have more time to code on this…

Greetings to the Metaverse


So I have received no answer at all on this question. Does anybody know what’s going on or what I should do to alleviate this situation?


…And the Bugs

It s was for me also happens, so I hope all will smooth then @ Oct 6