Avatars appear as spheres in load test


I Am in load test and all avatars appear as purple spheres.

Beta Release 73 + Global System Upgrade | Wed, Sep 26, 2:00 pm PDT

I encountered the same problem … just a few avatars rendered in a sea of purple balls.


I had all avatars visible for once. In addition, since I host my avatar on the same server as my domain, I was able to have this also stress test my server’s ability to send my avatar.

Overall, doesn’t look too bad. As for vnstat:

Rx Tx Total Avg. Rate
102.74 MiB 1.69 GiB 1.79 GiB 197.59 kbit/s

So hopefully my avatar was able to be loaded for those who could see me.


It was all there for me too. More stable than the last time.


Yeah, I got nothing but purple orbs. by the end, after almost an hour, a few models hand rendered, but perhaps only a handful, and they only had a few frames of animation.


Laggy as well as covered in spheres here. Disconnected users would turn into ‘ghosts’ frozen in place until I rebooted the client which made handshaking with my friends (who were crashing constantly) impossible.


It worked pretty good, a few seconds i did have purple spheres.
Everything worked good. you would ot say there where 300+ avatars. Except with the audio that droped and talking where a bit harder.

I loved it.


Well, all fantastic on my side.
I have seen only one or two spheres.
Only some audio dropping over the time.
No delay of my avatar and the others.

I like this stuff!
My location: Austria, Europe!!!
Man, I wish I’ll have more time to code on this…

Greetings to the Metaverse


So I have received no answer at all on this question. Does anybody know what’s going on or what I should do to alleviate this situation?


…And the Bugs

It s was for me also happens, so I hope all will smooth then @ Oct 6


Had problem again during the Oct 6 load test, but now they were gray circles. About 16 people loaded in successfully. I don’t have this issue when in other areas, it’s just during the load tests.


Yes, I’m having the same problem As last time And yes, they’re white this time.


I had the exact same problem, as well as constant disconnects, choppy and garbled voice chat, and DDoS warnings in my router’s logs. I just left.


It did take a minute or mabye a bit longer , then the avatars started to get visible. Not so strange if you know it did need to load 200+ avatars.

It worked pretty good.


Haven’t had this problem with previous load tests but today’s display had most avatars rendered only as spheres. Also is there a way to remove the blizzard of “Kbps” data that is displayed and obliterates most of the view?,


I dropped in late and there were 65 people there… all spheres. I went to my home and returned… no change.


In HiFi architecture (https://docs.highfidelity.com/get-started/what-is-high-fidelity/architecture) there are two Assignment Clients called Asset Server and Avatar Mixer from where we download all contents of domain and avatars.
Each avatar spends around 15MB so 500 people at the same time means 500 simultaneous connections downloading 2500MB from an Avatar Mixer that is overloaded sending the movement of 500 people avatars simultaneously.

Please, any HiFi staff correct me if I am wrong.

Maybe an architecture where the Avatar Mixer only mixes avatars and redirects downloads to an Object Storage like OpenStack Swift could improve the download speed: https://docs.openstack.org/project-deploy-guide/openstack-ansible/newton/overview-storage-arch.html#object-storage-swift


As I have arrive @ thespot has just a handfull of Avatars load for me.
Goto a other Other Domain and heading back has not help.
As I have restart the viewer near 30 % of the Avatars has load for me.
I saw that after round about five minutes my viewer has stop to loading content
and my bandwidth was not more full in use (down/upload).
When I have restart my viewer I have load content over five Minutes and I saw ~ 30% of the Avatars. I m on a pure wire 10 Mbit/s down. now after five minutes the viewer has stop to load content. I have use still then ~ 5 Mbit/s down.
I mean zappo told some weeks aga by the way in a talk @ maker that the viewer get not all IP adresses from the other users. But may I have understand him wrong so I m not sure.


I’m using an Nvidia Quadro 4000 With direct X 11 . I know that DirectX 12 is recommended could this be the problem?