Avatars, The Marketplace, and Certification


Currently, the market system highlights items that are certified, assuming they aren’t grabbable (which I reported as a bug via support). At this time, this is the only pre-existing way to inspect anything to see if it’s authentic or not.

The problem right now is that avatars cannot be inspected at all. As more and more avatars are being uploaded to the marketplace, this is a bit of a problem as many of the bigger players that could be coming on will not until they have some way to authenticate what they’re seeing.

At the same time, I’m not asking for another giant glowing yellow outline to highlight someone who is wearing a certified avatar.

Basically, most creators I’ve talked to want some kind of way to tell if something is real or not, especially if they put it on the marketplace, but not in a way that annoys people. At the same time, having some kind of basic security is another concern, which at this time is more or less non-existent on the marketplace. Most content creators aren’t going to want to deal with situations where the stuff they’ve made just gets copied due to exposed URLs everywhere.

As to a solution? I’m honestly not sure.

On one hand, it’d be neat to see if the items someone is wearing is authentic or not. Noted in the pictures is a watch on my avatar’s tail, which is near impossible to click due to it moving all the time.


I like the idea that you can right click on things and inspect them like in sl
i would add on top of that that you can buy the thing if u like also