Average Bandwidth @ 1mb/s per?


I have been thinking about what you said today.I understand the average AV load is 0.07mb/s per. If I read correctly, your average upload with everything was about 5mb/s with five (5) AV and overhead.

If you go to a typical busy place in SL you are looking around 17-22 people (Not places like Franks, etc.). Would I be correct in guessing then I would be pushing about ±20mb/s?

If so, that could easily throw a cap on your bandwidth usage for a typical residential account or simple hosting solution. Even unlimited hosting doesn’t mean unlimited. (See the fine print.) :smile:

Does anyone has more detailed bandwidth statistics to share?

I guess if you create a popular place you better be ready to support your love of the environment. I have in SL and I will in here.

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Much of this comes from an ancient discussion and a lot has changed since then. There’s another post I made with some base numbers but, I can’t find at the moment. The biggest problem I see from a standpoint of inbound BW is audio. Even with mic muted it sends “silence” - that will add up quickly. Then there’s data an agent (avatar) sends if it is streaming joint data - it’s another substantial stream and while neither is huge for a couple of agents… it will add up rapidly in a well populated domain. For inbound - a huge help would be - don’t send audio if mic is muted.