AVG identifies domain-server.exe as a threat


On installation, and with every update, AVG identifies domain-server.exe as a threat. I’ve found no references to it in these forums, nor on Google, so I’m looking for some assurance that this is a false positive and nothing to be concerned about.


@Rogan_Josh definitely a false positive - I am following up with AVG now to identify it as such. My apologies that you have to deal with this on every update.

Does it provide you any details about what it believes the threat is in the dialog?


** looks around to see if the coast is clear… **

quietly mumbles something about STACK_MANAGER

** vanishes **


Thanks, I’ll look for additional information if it happens again and let you know, but I had a choice of quarantine, block or create an exception, so I did the latter. If there was other info, I can’t see it now.


I think Avast! must of quietly disabled or removed mine. I keep getting a dialog at startup of my computer telling me the sandbox can’t launch because domain-server.exe isn’t there. This is on Win10 64bit. So, yeah, definitely make sure those guys know this isn’t a malware. :smiley: