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I spent a good dozen hours in MakeHuman recently, seeing what I could and couldn’t achieve in it. I found that for realistic human forms, it really can’t be beaten! However for the more cartoonish form I want to achieve, it doesn’t (at time of posting) have suitable starter meshes and morphs. (the Manuel Bastioni Labs Blender plugin has a number of Anime-style character start-points, however anime is not the style I want - too leggy, for starters :grin:!)

So today I went into work (Saturday - no one there, but air-conditioned in the 38deg Australian summer is very nice! And there is a Creative Cloud site licence and a Windows PC there too, neither of which I have at home!) and spent a good several hours pushing Fuse about and beating against Mixamo’s web interface with reasonable success.

I found the source of my Fuse avatar’s ‘lower-lip boobs’ to be a crufty custom-deform left over from some time ago, which - once I knew what was causing the issue - was easy to fix. I also found that it is possible to custom-deform attachments (in my case, dragging the right of the hair’s fringe over the right eye), though annoyingly, these deformations aren’t saved in the Fuse datafile :confounded: so I got very good at doing that particular activity over the day!

End up, I am much happier with my Fuse-created avatar now. I ran through all the (rather limited in style, but very configurable in colour/texture) clothing options and made a bunch of versions of my avatar to use as circumstances require. And some I may manually modify the textures on at a later date if I need.

I also solved the butt-pinch look of the ‘Athletic Pants’ by using ‘Leggins’ instead and changing their materials to that used by the ‘Athletic Pants’. Much nicer looking from behind! :astonished:


Thst explains i think why you have more clothing then i have seen in my mixamo.


Yes, click on an item you are wearing and check the texture tab (I think it is called that, I am not at work today). It has a very broad range options for re-coloring/texturing every detail separately. Though the defaults are quite well chosen too. A lot of the ‘textures’ are programmatically generated too, so even details (eg, size, colour, distribution, of spots on the ‘polka-dot’ texture; or individual stripe colours in a tartan texture) can be altered prior to baking them into the avatar on upload/save.

The range of base-styles, though, is still rather limited. This may improve later, post-beta, I assume+hope!


I think I stumbled on what is wrong with the elbow and other joints in Fuse avatars internally uploaded to Mixamo. It appears that the skeleton Fuse tries to push up into Mixamo is not quite compatible! Work-around is to re-upload the mesh without a skeleton and use Mixamo’s auto-rigger, which then gives quite passable results on joint-bends! You do loose eye-bones by this path, though (In my case this isn’t really much of an issue as I will have to do my eye stuff custom anyway - see below!).


I have pushed my avatar as far as Fuse can take it, so I have fallen back to fine-tuning in Blender.

I couldn’t work out how to get Fuse’s alpha map to adhere to Blender, and in the end deleted all the textures and did all the coloration as flat materials, which worked better than I expected it to. I did put a single RGBA texture over the top again to carry some skin scarring and a small tattoo, but otherwise transparent.

I put lips, fingernails, toenails, etc. under separate materials, making changing their colour very simple!

Removing all those textures also dropped my FBX from 14MB to 1.2MB!

In case you are wondering what is under that hair at the front…

The eyeball is missing and the eye sealed shut with a thin strip of ‘pink’ flesh.

It could have been worse!

Surprise!! :stuck_out_tongue: (Pictured: NOT what is actually under the hair!)


Cthulhu lives! :octopus::scream: