Backup of avatar bookmarks


I wonder how I can make a backup of my avatar bookmarks - just for the case the interface need a reset some times.


Its in the same folder as your Wallet…

On windows:
%AppData%\High Fidelity\Interface\avatarbookmarks.json


wishes i could move all that file of stuff in dropbox, so i could log in on different pc’s and keep my stuff

ooh wonders if thats somthing the bolock chain can be used for


Judas, You might be able to use keybase for this.


I’d also like to store all stateful client/account information server-side (assuming the concept of a ‘home’ server of my choice, whether on the cloud or in my closet). My ideal client is a stateless* box that boots strait into Interface. Essentially a HiFi equivalent to an old X-terminal device.

.* a few kbytes of state for home server address is acceptable, of course.