Backups still not saving


Windows system.
Backups arent being written, the 30 day backups is the only one that that is being written to.
Disk is not full, perms are ok, work has been done recently but the models.svo is the only file that responds.


@Menithal suggested are they saving but the file name isn’t being written


As in I think the date is not being updated. But I have yet to have tested this.


I’ve sent Chris screen shots of directory and settings and log files. I dont think they are being updated as the file sizes never change and do not match the latest SVO file.


@Adrian should you backups now be saving in a json format? Can you confirm that you can not see any new models that you are adding?


This is on Qbit server, this has not been changed to json, I dont have issues with missing objects lately.
So its models.svo, models are adding to the server ok, and being added to models.svo ok.

Its just the backups that arent being written to file.