Bad bad crashies on Macbook pro. Is it my graphics card?


Are there system requirements for the Interface somewhere I am not seeing? My macbook pro is about 3 years old so maybe its out of date for the software but I keep crashing hard within about 2 minutes of logging in. Takes over my whole screen and everything is just flickering. I can’t cmd Q or cmd tab out of it. I have to press and hold the power button until my mac shuts down.

It wasn’t happening at first. Started happening since I applied an avatar. I am gonna try to log on and change avvies before it happens again.

System Info
Macbook Pro
OS 10.10.2
Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB


Nope changing back to the base avvie did not work either. Just keep crashing :frowning:
I guess the extent of my contribution to alpha is to say I can’t use it. Sux.


Here is a photo if my screen (since I cant use a screen capture LOL). I’d say its a real “snow crash” haha.


Ok I saw someone else recommended clicking on a place on the website browser and letting it launch the app from there. So now I am up and running. But I am not sure why exactly it crashed before and why its not now. Maybe its the place?


Yeah I think its the place. I was logged in for about 10 minutes in a place that had almost no visible objects in it. Then I teleported to another place where there were tons and tons of things filling my view. My computer fan started kicking into high gear and then a minute later I crashed.


I don’t know if this will help, but I am also working on MacBook Pro, but it has 16GB RAM and two graphics cards, one discrete that kicks in for high intensity environs; it is the one working when I am in HiFi. I think having lots of RAM is necessary and 4 may not be enough.

I have had no problem with crashes or anything else except for the builds above 2040, which will not launch at all. But that does not seem like it would be a problem linked to my system.

I too would like to know what system requirements are, or what is working well for whom now, especially for those using the hardware peripherals.


@Sterling_Wright Why you need lots of ram (unless the GPU is using system memory) , i don’t have a mac. but take a look at what interface is using on your mac. The problem is maby more the intel 3000 graphics chip. Would be nice toi find someone else with the same chip and compare results and memory.


Hi @Richardus,

It is completely plausible that I do not know what I am talking about, or only understand the topic-set partially! :smiley:

Nonetheless, the chip my Mac uses to engage with HIFi is a Nvidia GeoForce GT 750M, and it seems to me like that should be enough. Someone else (I am so sorry to this individual, I must go back into the threads to re-learn your name!) said he is also working on this Mac system and that it is working well. I think it is working well for me too, although I have no standard against which to gauge that. I may be ascribing to Alpha qualities that are just poor performance on my end! At any rate, so many people are having trouble with the builds above 2040, that I suspect it is not my equipment.

By the way, @Richardus, can you please tell me where I check to see what resources interface is using on the Mac? Is this via the Activity Monitor? I am familiar with that interface, but don’t actually understand what those numbers mean or what they should be reading if all is going well.

I would still love to learn the minimum specs including those for the hardware peripherals.


@Sterling_Wright I use a Mac with the same configuration as yours and I used just 2046 and as I am running SL at the same time but I am not crashing. I will try to go somewhere with more stuff and see how it affects me.

This is me in SL and Rivenglen:


I have the same issue (scrambled graphics, have to force reboot) on a 2011 Macbook Air. These are my specs:


HQ is one location where I have trouble on my Mac or my PC. The client crashes on the PC, on the Mac the LOD levels go down to zero.

Porto on the other hand seems largely ok on both.


I wandered around HQ last night using 2043(mac), and it was the best system-performance experience I have had so far :-/


GF750M must be good for high fidelity, let’s wait until the devs get awake. because im on windows7 and also crashing. The devs will fix the problem. Sometimes things like this can happen with alpha software. So we just need to sit back and wait, it now only takes a bit longer because weekend. All the info is still usefull.


Would be helpful if we had a known graphics card/driver versions that were known to work or not. like a spreadsheet we could all add our data too.I got 2 different pc’s working yesterday trying different drivers


High Fidelity HCL list sounds a very good idea @judas.


Just wanted to add that I tried the newest 2048, and still have crash on start-up. 2040 remains my best and only friend – (and pre-dates the “friends-contact” function).


Hi @Sterling_Wright can you send me your log file for one of the crashes? Chris at highfidelity dot com

You will be able to get to the older logs by going to:


-Reveal Log File

and send me the log file from one of the crashes.

Also, have you tried removing your Interface.ini file? You can try that via:

-Open the applications - Terminal
-Type the following commands:
- cd ~/.config/
- cd
- rm Interface.ini
-Then restart your client.


@Sterling_Wright Try using your arrow keys. Also Make sure that you have defaultscripts.js running.

File>Running scripts.

If it is blank like this:

Then in “Load Scripts” double click on defaultscripts.js


Thank you, Chris. No, all of the scripts were running. I checked those and stopped and reloaded them a few times. I was also trying the arrow keys, but all I do is spin in place…I guess the whole avatar is spinning and not just my view, but I can’t really tell. I think the avatar is spinning. This was the case the very very first time I signed on, and it later cleared for mysterious reasons that remain unfathomable!


I’ll go muck around again with your previous instructions and come back. Thank you, once more!