Bad LOD in high fidelity?


Not sure what is wrong.
I tried to publish soem new object on the marketplace.
Firs problem where compund. i fixed that. But after reupload the exported blender object. The colors are wrong now. compared with the unchanged object. I need to check that when in better mood.

But… the LOD in high fidelity did something. if i get away from the object 2-5 meters it just disappear ! When you get closer you see it again.

That’s not what i want. Not sure how to fix it or what did happen. Did the test on earth.


does it still happen if u pause the porn downloads?


Besides i not use it. That’s not the problem.
I know LOD in high fidelity can do strange things.
That’s mabye the problem, I think we still cannot set the LOD manual ?