(Ballpark) server bandwidth needs


I will be getting a new network connection in the next few months (The Australian NBN is two streets away and closing) and need to decide what upstream bandwidth is best to get when they upgrade my data plan.

I am intending to (eventually) be running a VR service from home primarily for my own ammusement and for a small number of friends to drop in on. Just from people’s experiences so far, how much upstream bandwidth per-user is being consumed on your test servers, both for the initial connection data burst and ongoing. (I am only after a really rough idea here).


Hi @glenalec, generally for the client you want 5 meg down-1 meg up.


That’s an interesting question and something I’ve thought about. It’s difficult to give a number as it depends on how much of stack you’re hosting and how much more data will need to be served as HiFi develops/features are added.

At this time serving of metavoxel data and assets (entities) consume bulk of traffic so you see bursts as people come in, then, for my setup, see it slow to around 0.07mb/s per av, a bit more if voice is in play.

With the distributed nature of the assignments system it will be possible to host high bandwidth items on external services leaving the lower volume portions on your local machine, greatly lowering peak bandwidth needs. You might only run domain locally farming all the assignments to externals, or select services.

You would pay a cibt/interval charge for external services, only paying when you’re using if going that route. How much that would be depends upon the value of cbit to real money and what the market will bear. I intend to offer assignment services from East and West Coast USA, and I have no doubt others will as well, around the globe. I’ve already crunched some numbers and I’m seeing figures in the pennies per hour range as target points.

That being said - rolling it all on your own, here’s what I’ve seen here and now.

35mb/s down, 5mb/s up cable at home. Have had 5 avs in domain and didn’t notice any issue or excess lag for them to load domain. That was using the local machine to serve all content.

I think better answers to this will come in a few more months as things firm up more.

Average Bandwidth @ 1mb/s per?

Thanks. Useful information. I likely will want to serve everything from my local machine if only for the experience, though I have become quite good at optimising for mesh/texture size on my personal OpenSim playbox. Sounds like my bandwidth on that will be a reasonable indicator of the same going forward on HF, if asset data is still by far the largest portion of usage.

(Also a lot of my larger textures are placeholders for what I hope can eventually be programaticaily generated client-side - eg, the granite texture for a large part of my terrain; leaf textures for a forest of trees; not to mention the meshes for the trees themselves.) :smile: