Bank Hours are posted!


Hi everyone,

I want you to know that Bank Hours are posted in the domain, hifi://bankofhighfidelity. You’ll find the schedule to the left of the desk. Stop by to see when someone will be presented to give the initial grants of HFC. All times listed are in PDT.

Learn more here:


Is there a reason for new bank hours ?
Is it because the stresstest with 200+ avatars ?


Is there a specific policy for getting HF during Bank Hours?
I mean: I have already being given 10000 HF when I enlisted in the alpha for the HiFi currency, and now I have something like 9700 HF, can I get more HF for instance to give to my students? Or is there any known limit to the amount of grants you are giving away now? Maybe this information is hidden in some blog post or somewhere, just asking url and the point where it is stated.


I’m curious about this as well. I’m hesitant to spend my HFC because I’m not sure how or when I’d be able to replenish my account. Is there any documentation about what the vision is for the short-term of a Hi Fi economy? I understand that long term it’s probably about connecting HFC to real world $$, that makes sense. But what about for the short term? If I run out of HFC is it possible to ask for more?


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