Basic domain control


I like to think we’re all doing well with the unwritten rule of “Don’t mess up a build” as we fool around here, but, the time is coming where we need, at least, some basics for insuring public spaces aren’t trashed.

Yes - we can lock entities, but, for now, a simple flag of only the domain owner’s agent can place, move, delete, edit entities and metavoxels would be a welcome thing. This will help insure places meant for the public to visit remain public and provide some control until more extensive rights controls come into play.


agrees we also need the ability to blacklist rather than white list banning thoys currently requires white listing everyone but him :slight_smile:


Agreed, Some people are putting in an effort to build up something, we all know its harder than it should be due to alpha bugs and glitches, so its twice as painful to see the work so easily messed up, takes all day to position stuff correctly and one minute to screw it all up by some unthinking individual.

At this stage we dont need to worry about who owns what in any particular domain, we basically all work in our own domains so I will upvote OmegaHerons point.

We need the ability to allow others into the domain, but block the ability for others to do any modifications at all in our domain. Please.

No hurry but we want it done by the 9th of January please.


If it’s too complex at this stage to do even simple controls then, how about a flag via domain admin that says the domain is read only. Not as elegant as saying domain owner has read/write, others read only, but, just looking for something quick to hold us over. Preference is a toggle for owner read/write others read only or all read/write (thinking of sandbox there) or all read only if you really want to lock a build down. Something at this point is needed that’s quick versus, this is in the pipeline for permissions system and weeks/months away.

Also - someone from HiFi please comment here - if it’s not going to happen then say so now. There’s likely hackish things that could be done server side if all else fails.


Yes. We haven’t landed on the exact design yet, but expect that we will be adding something in the coming weeks that gives you protection from accidents or bad actors.