Basic HiFi concepts for domains, regions, zones, portals, etc


If a document doesn’t already exist for this, I would like to write one for new users. If this information already exists, my apologies as I did do search first. Can anyome point me to the concepts in HiFi for domains, regions, zones, etc? Current and planned roadmap?

In my particular case I am looking to know these questions:

  1. Can we have a single region but throw several servers at it to have more complex server AI or more avatars or more polygons?
  2. Can we have multiple regions on different servers at our homes and an avatar just walks across them seamlessly? Can shapes/sounds be viewed/heard across region boundaries?
  3. Can we have regions in a vertical fashion? For example, a high rise building with floors 1-10 on one region/server. And floors 11-20 on another region/server? For vertical city landscapes.
  4. Can we have space-based regions? For example, no gravity? Or where a region represents a space ship moving through a virtual space where there would have to be some centralize server tracking region (space ship) movement.


Yes to all, yes to all!! Ride on, we are in the Metaverse!

in given time…


I would love no gravity spaces or even “impossible” spaces. What do we have virtual worlds for when we use them like the real world?


I agree with you about that,I noticed in the Opensim community a reluctance to do anything but replicate the actual world in virtuality. Impossible spaces ? mmm… Tardis ? maybe .


I’m actually reminded of an art installation someone had on SL that dynamically simulated a four-dimenionsal-hypercube house taken from one of Heinlein’s novels… in which dependent on which way you exited from one room to the other, you’d wind up arriving in one of the other rooms turned completely around from where you’d be in it if you’d come at it from a different door in the house. This only worked if you allowed one person at a time into the place because they “cheated” to make it work, the other rooms physically moved around in relation to the rest of the rooms to have the appropriate opening into the cube that had that room arrive at the wall of the cube you were in at the time, sometimes with that cube turned upside down or sideways. If we instead had the “magic doorway” I mentioned in another thread here, then it would be a lot easier to simulate that hypercube house by simply placing magic doorways into whatever places were needed, oriented such that when you went through the door going south from one room you’d arrive, say, going north in the other room, or even facing down (because you came in through the ceiling! :smiley: ) into it.

This sort of thing would also be useful for creating a donut-style spun-for-gravity space station by placing each section (big, long room) level in it, with magic-doorways at the ends, where as you arrive at the end of the room, the top of the doorway is tilted more towards you, and as you arrive in the next room (which is actually on another domain, say, or is simply higher above you on the same domain), the top of the doorway you just arrived by is tilted towards the middle of the room, thus causing the floor there to effectively tilt upwards as you come in… and eventually if you go all the way along through a series of these rooms, you arrive back full circle at that first room again, exactly as if you’d walked all the way around a real donut-station.


Do you want time paradox?
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Ideally, I guess, it would be good to be able to define things like gravity, buoyancy, ambient light, atmospherics, etc. on entity bounds. ie: define an invisible-non-solid entity, be it a sphere, box or mesh, and within that entity the various factors apply.

This would allow you to have very different environments butted up against each other. As an example, a space ship with artificial gravity (possibly even in different orientations in different parts of the ship) and zero gravity outside.

Also allows creation of bodies of fluids (such as lakes/seas/swimming pools) by defining the atmospherics to water (ammonia, oil, slime, lava, gastrointestinal juices!) within the entity that represents the water.

In my case, I would like to have a world which is a hollow sphere and on the inside gravity is radially away from the origin and on the outside it is radially towards the origin, so you can walk on both inside and outside! And then zero gravity further away from the surface, too. Lets me get three distinct environments into one world.