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So, when you work on an object - add scripts to it, etc. - how do you save the object? I know you can make copies of it but what if you want to put it away and to be able to rez it again later (the “take” function in SL)?

How do you edit a script? You put a script url in an object - but how do you edit the script? If it is a url on say amazon s3, then I imagine that you replace the script on s3 with the edited one (correcting the url in the object if need be) and then it is automatically updated in objects with that url. But what about if you are using your computer as asset server - how do you replace the script with the revised one? How do you get the url to put in the script slot in that case?

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At this time (and people can correct me if I’m wrong or this response becomes dated), but there is no take feature at this time, as there isn’t really an inventory of any kind just yet. As a result, there isn’t a way to backup an object/script combo just yet.

As for the scripts, for url based ones, you answered your own question. For ATP based ones, I am not sure. In fact, I didn’t even know that ATP could even upload scripts. For that case, I wouldn’t know.

It is worth pointing out that the caching system of the client is very extreme, so you may need to rename the files or use some trickery like adding “?randomnumberhere” at the end to mess with the addressing.


While not an inventory system or anything bound to your account, You can actually backup objects but keep them locally on your hard-drive / or use an pre-existing object json on a url, and you can import it via Unlocking the Advanced Menus

Scripts, unfortunately have to be either static defined and aren’t so quick to be edited, unless its running only locally.

If you just want to use it for your self or when developing, you can always just use a file url, like


to the script and it will automatically update as you edit the file: Just note that this will not work for anyone else but you. and any update that breaks the script engine, you may have to relog.

For other cases you’ll have to pull the script out, modify it, and then place it in the ATP which generates the URL, However do note, while partially harder to copy, ATP stuff is only available on your own sandbox domain, and if you want to use them outside your domain, you must use a web service to host your files, such as the amazon etc.

If you want to do it your self, there are myriad of “how setup an html server” tutorials out in the web and so forth, but I suggest looking up an existing web service, which allows for files, that does it for you instead if you dont have the time or patience to learn web security.

So the shorten, You can develop your stuff locally, then once its ready upload it to your web service, and you should be set to go. When updating the asset, you use the new url generated, or if just a simple web host, just add a parameter to cache bust.

A Little known feature however is that you can also, instead of pasting script URLs, you can paste the actual code directly into the Entity ScriptURL path. This however is limited for very, very small scripts however ( I estimate, 512 characters, havent tested it fully yet), and not something that should be done often.

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Thank you so much! Now just paste that into the wiki : ))