Best Avatar Contest

On Sat Oct 6th at 11 am PDT, our next Road to a Billion event, we want to see and celebrate High Fidelity’s best avatar creators and the models that wear them. The winners will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges: Philip Rosedale, Jazmin Cano, and one guest celebrity judge to be revealed on the day of the event.

One grand prize winner will be awarded 30000HFC and two runner-ups each given 10000HFC.


  • Entries must not violate other’s intellectual property

  • Contestants must signup for the event by filling out this form and be available on Sat Oct 6th between 11 am PDT and 12 pm PDT.

Contestants are encouraged but not required to use our flow script technology which gives clothes, hair and other attachments movement. Avatars can be humanoid or non-humanoid. Avatars can be photo-real or stylized.

High Fidelity artists and riggers will be available to answer your questions about avatar creation at the following in world Maker meetings.

Sept 17th, 24th, and Oct 2nd at 2:00 pm PDT in hifi://maker

Information on our Avatar standards can be found here


So I will add my questions here, that I will repeat again on the maker meetings:

Avatars and their attachments must not exceed a polygon count of 25,000

This this the total polygon count, or is this per each item? (Avatars, separate from attachments)

Each texture applied to the avatar must not exceed 1024x1024

Should probably be more about the total file size of all textures instead of individual textures: Restricting to texture file size to an arbitary 1024 seems like a counter-productive move if you want to save on draw calls and atlas avatar texture.

Otherwise one could just make an avatar that uses 4 drawcalls with 4 with 1024 squared, instead of 1 draw call with 2048 squared. Especially if you still want to retain enough detail to be considered ‘High Fidelity’.

One grand prize winner will be awarded 30000HFC and two runner-ups each given 10000HFC.

300 is a bit paltry (compared to previous competitions), unless you just want rehashes of adobe fuse avatars with perhaps custom clothes instead of custom avatars.


HiFI Inc absolutely need to update that Avatar Standards documentation. I’ve been seeing the same one for 3 years now.


Settings > Avatar > Appearance

This no longer exists due to avatar app

You can download the standard High Fidelity skeleton here. If you aren’t familiar with the rigging process, you can auto-rig your avatar with Mixamo

No Mention of community efforts, especially in improved asset flow from Blender via the Plugin (recent developments)

  1. DDE and a 2D camera.

No Longer applies as DDE is no longer provided.

For the audio drive solution, we’re targeting a phoneme based system that triggers 4 mouth and 2 eye shapes.

  • Eye: blink & brow up.
  • Mouth: m, o, ah & e.

Last I checked (or well. Looking directly at the code here), Phonemes are still not supported, nor are custom Blendshapes. Currently anything driven by the audio only runs the following Blendshapes:

  • EyeBlink_L
  • EyeBlink_R
  • BrowsU_C
  • BrowsU_L
  • BrowsU_R
  • JawOpen
  • MouthSmile_L
  • MouthSmile_R
  • LipsFunnel
  • LipsUpperClose (mmm)

Which is actually 8 Mouth Shapes and 5 Eye shapes.

Other Additional Stuff

  • There still is no full list of supported Blendshapes that one can drive via scripts.
  • No Mention about using Avatar Entities / Wearables as clothing, instead saying better to bake it in
  • Instead HeadTop, with the leafbone generated would be sufficient. _End is just the additional bones generated to determine where the joint starts and ends, so instead its better just to have HeadTop Defined, especially in Blender.

Any aspiring artist should probably instead refer to the Community Avatar Standard Compedium instead, as that is more uptodate.


I’m a bit in the same boat…

My own avatar, to give an example, uses one single 2048x2048 texture for both the upper and lower body. That feels strange that there’s a request to limit the texture size, especially if it’s being used correctly. If anything, you are better off establishing total file size/count limit.


Thanks for the feedback, guys. To make things simple, we’ve removed the poly count and texture size limits.

Honestly, I dont think we had no issue with the polygon limit, we just wanted clarification :>
A good one to limit to would be less than total 30k, but 25k would have been still a good goal.

It’s the great unanswered question
Which is best 5 1k textures or 1 5k texture

5 K texture is a problem :slight_smile:
Try a 4K texture. SO a 4K can save 1, 1024 texture.

But wich one is smaller in filesize 5x 1K or 1x 4K ?

You Can fit 8 1k Textures into one 4k. 4 1k textures into one 2k. 4k would waste quite a bit of space for 5 x 1024

Better comparison would be 4x1k textures vs 2k.

Worstcase scenario: Random Color noise.
Saved into PNG since its probably best compared to uncompressed images into RAM,


2k is around 5 MB. Shrinking that down to 1024 You take 3MB

So… for 4x1k

4 x 1024 - 4 x 3 MB = aprx  12 MB


2048 = aprx  5 MB

If going for 5 x 1k, then

5 x 1024 - 5 x 3 MB = aprx 15 MB


2048 = aprx 5 MB
1024 = aprx  3 MB
or aprx 8 MB.


2048 x 3072 = aprx   8 MB (Waste 1 x 1024 slots, not power of two)


2048 x 4096 = aprx  17 MB (Waste 3 x 1024 slots)


4096 = aprx  19 MB (Waste 7 x 1024 slots)

Best Way for to atlas 5x 1k, would be to do 2048 + 1024. or if the engine supports it, just add the texture to the atlas: 2048 x (2048 + 1024)

Still using 2 draw calls is better than 5, and to stick with Power of Two textures, since some engines may have issues (High Fidelity doesnt IIRC)

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I’m a little behind, is there any more details about this flow script? looks promising.


I asked the same questions and was pointed to this:

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What’s the latest on soft attachments? Is this replaced by flow script?


flow script simply animates bones that have a specific bone naming pattern. either simBoneName# (which is more consistant with the avatar standard naming scheme) or flow_bone_name_##. The Flow App script then defines the properties of these BoneName groups.

Attachments have been replaced with Wearables, which are basically client only entities. They can now be found under the Avatar Window, and pressing the tiny hat button. It works similarly to Attachments, but FSTs are not supported in it. This includes soft attachments.

Soft is still working?


Filling 20 character limit.

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So is there something additional that we need to do to enter, or just show up at the event wearing our new Avatar?

Did you Apply Best Avatar Contest

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Just saw that! Entered now.

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