Best practice for size of domain assets?


Is there a consensus as to the “optimal” combined size of assets on a domain? I understand that there is a huge variance in bandwidth from one domain on HF to another. For example, I have 300Mbs down and 30 Mbs up. By contrast, the best a family member of mine has access to is a lousy 7Mbs down and 2 Mbs up. I’m just curious as to the “sweet spot” for the size of domain assets.



Oh you should be using less polygons than that and omg your texture is 1*1 thats way 2 big

I have been spending 2 long in the sl blender group :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say no to combined sizes as the engine is suppose to do what it must to maintain a happy frame rate.
But stick to good building practices ie if the poly doesn’t add anything remove it and texture sizes as low as you can get without it looking rubbish.
Everything has to load to be seen so think how to get the best bang for your buck.
I like that in hifi u can share 1 texture on a million different models by not packing the textures inside the file
Caityln did a great post about drawcalls


In this case try to bake as much on uv-map in a small as posible size. But that is going to be a challenge. Less textures = less draw calls. Thats important.


Thanks guys! Especially for Caitlyn’s article. I also have a png optimizer tool somewhere as Photoshop’s png files tend to be oddly large. I used the tool when I was making apps for iOS.


One other related question: Will using a SSD instead of a conventional 7200 RPM platter drive speed up my domain any?


Yes, by a lot, especially if you are accessing your domain locally. However, do not forget that network bandwidth plays a strong factor in scene downloads.


I will host locally for the foreseeable future, so thanks for the confirmation about the SSD.

As to bandwidth, my home connection has a 300 down and 30 up plan with no data cap or throttling. If I need more, I could move my computer to my university office which has a 100/100 connection, but I don’t like being 25 kilometers from my computer. I had grandiose plans to use Ocean Blue or some other such provider when I first decided to commit to HF a couple of months ago. It did not take long to realize I was way out of my depth in that regard so I’m keeping everything local for the foreseeable future.