Best VR Ready Laptop?


Hi, I need a laptop I can use with my Vive that is not too heavy.

Cost in not an issue. I want a machine to go portable!



I’ve been looking into the following ones out of curiosity:

  • Razer Blade (Most Applebook like I’ve seen to date, with extendability via Razer Core “upgrading” a graphics card forexample)
  • MSI GS63VR 7RF
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501VI (pure gaming, apparently not great utility because it has a unique keyboard)

I havent seen the actual reviews on them so I suggest looking all those up and seeing what others say, just putting what I’ve seen in them

The above at <15" laptops that should be lightish and run at 1060 or better. Unfortunately, Light + Power also means price is a bit higher. Looked into those a while back but might be outdated a bit., after finding a tiny mITX computer case I do have a portable desktop :smiley:

The down side though is that it might be abit more difficult to be portable with the Vive :slight_smile:


Oooh, the Alienware has a 1080 !!!, but the Razer Blade looks beastly. Thanks.


Yeah the alienware also is a passive one, its just big though and heavy (and a tad bit too flashy). I used a similar chassis laptop long timeago, and came to the conclusion that 17" laptops are just too big to be laptops :smiley: more of “draggables”


Yeah, a 15’’ fits in a backpack.


Hi, Just some advice if I may.

All laptops sold in this world are only manufactured by two companies with only one of those making Gaming orientated systems. the company is named Clevo, they manufacture for Dell/Alienware,Asus,MSI, basically every company that sells a laptop gaming wise gets it from Clevo with it being re-branded or having custom exterior design to make it look special, so spending an extra grand for one laptop over another when they have the exact same hardware inside is something to avoid.

Some extra things to note when looking for a VR Ready Laptop:

GTX 1070 is twice as powerful as two GTX 1060’s, while a laptop with a GTX 1060 will struggle with VR taxing the laptop batteries while generating excessive heat possibly leading to early hardware failure.

A GTX 1070 laptop is only 20% more in cost then a GTX 1060 laptop but twice as powerful, while a GTX 1080 laptop is only 15% faster then a GTX 1070 but has a 50% cost markup over the GTX 1070 price wise.

The only laptops good for VR are the newest with cooling vents in the back, sucking and blowing air from that location, the bottom exhaust type are old designs that have heating issues and should be avoided.

With a laptop whats most important is whats inside, quality of the screen and quality of the keyboard, laptop cases can always be re-skinned with a aftermarket vinyl kit. (My Asus uses a pink hello kitty vinyl skin kit :grinning:)

Minimum of 16GB Ram, i7-7700HQ or Newer i7 (4 Cores/8 Threads) and a GTX 1070 or Higher for not only best performance dollar per dollar but being future proof as well for the next few years ahead.

Best prices with best return/warranty policies would be Amazon or Walmart for buying this type of product but NewEgg is competitive in pricing, they do have a very poor return/exchange policy and practice that can making buying a new PC an unpleasant experience.

Here are the laptops as examples that might meet your size/power requirements

Laptop 1

Laptop 2

Laptop 3

Laptop 4

Laptop 5

Also something to note: when buying online make sure the seller is the website not a 3rd party seller on that site otherwise you might not be covered fully should anything go wrong in a purchase this big.
Example: if you were buying on Amazon, make sure seller is Amazon, it is shipped by Amazon this will help filter out any unexpected issues and costly returns.


Thanks for doing all this work, Starry.

I have an ASUS, and I was unhappy with it. I use it to run my domain, Franny now.

The Clevo looks really nice to me. Are the computers listed in an ascending/descending order?

I really want something I can take to work, so I can demo VR stuff.


Clevo is also pretty good base whitebox laptops. Another Alternative would be anything based on Sager

I wasn’t suggesting them because usually its sold by thirdparties usually rebrand with known names (like Alienware/MSI/Razer ) or from less reputable ones.

I had an old Clevo M57RU base for 8 years (which is the one that weighted like a brick, but I used it with the DK2) and it worked well before I gave it on to my sisters.
but they aught to have a model that will fit your needs.

Finding a reputable clevo seller though is a challenge


I added them random,
agree the Prostar Clevo is the nice one :grinning: it is already upgraded to the Max, if you factor in upgrading 16GB Ram to 32GB Ram then upgrading the Traditional Hard Drive to SSD then it already saves you the that $350 upgrade cost by already having it not to mention the work involved so it really is a very good deal.

Screen Quality is very important both Asus & Gigabyte provide screens they make to Clevo to add into those laptops they sell.

With VR to showcase at work or anyplace… I believe Inputs are something to be highly considered…Does it have two HDMI Ports? or Inputs your VR Equipment requires to work best…not just for a VR Headset but in case you want to hook up VR Haptic Gloves so they can move things around.

Hardware wise they all might be close, but what you can hook up to them and how well they run that might be the most important thing.

If you can consider it …A 17 inch laptop not only has better cooling but more features that are VR Ready while also almost being the same prices…but go with your gut feeling on your needs that should make it work :thinking:


A basic laptop with a good processor + an eGPU is always an option, especially if you’re not frequently traveling around while wanting to be in VR. that way, you can make yourself an at-home “docking station” with your eGPU and rift gear, and just take a nice, light laptop with you when you go out.

I personally don’t like gaming laptops because they tend to be heavy, hot, and difficult to carry places. I prefer something that I can carry in a backpack that I don’t have to worry too much about wear and tear with.


The Winner
I have this saved in my Amazon wish list, ships directly from Amazon.
I looked at the specs on the Prostar Clevo website and they look good.
Worst that could happen? I have an expensive server for some more domains. :wink:


Good choice as well :slight_smile:


How about this? I don’t mind the extra size or weight, because I will mostly only take it between home and work: VR Ready laptop


Razer Blade Gaming Laptop and Alienware Laptop are the best laptop for VR. So it good to opt VR ready laptop.


Hi guys, I have one of this beasts Asus Zephyrus GM501:

It deserve any penny. Very stable, silent and using a good thermal design, keep it running all day long. I have also a Razer Blade, but I’m not happy about thermal throttle. After few minutes of using, in VR it is very hot, I don’t recommend it.