Best way to create a secure domain?


Hi Folks,

I apologize if this is a total newb question. I’m just getting started and trying to get up to speed quickly.

For my project, I will need a domain that is both persistent and secure. By persistent, I mean that it is not tied to a local machine (i.e., I build the domain server to run on an external Linux host), and that it is available 24/7. By secure, I mean that certain user credentials are needed to access the domain and/or content hosted in that domain.

My understanding is that for persistence I will need to build a domain server on my external Linux host. Is that correct? I found one thread on this topic here and some build instructions. Is there further information I might reference that I have missed?

For security, my understanding is that settings are configured under the domain server settings, under the “Security” section. As far as I can tell, these settings apply to the general domain level, but are not necessarily applicable at the asset level. For example, if a user tries to walk into a building that s/he does not have access to, that cannot be configured here. I suppose this could be worked around using teleportation or something like that, but, again, I’m a newb with HiFi, so not sure about the details.

Many thanks!


Bump. Any ideas? Many thanks!


I don’t think anyone has replied because you’ve essentially nailed it without knowing it.

Dive in, tread water, and if you get stuck or need a life raft we’ll gladly send one.

in the words of famous chris,

‘good luck’


Thank you for that. Diving in and treading water is where I’m at currently. I’m stuck at building the domain server on a Digital Ocean droplet, but making headway.


Making a Linux build of the domain server parts can be a tough going. Unlike the HF built Windows and Mac distributions, they do not make a Linux build. You can get help fro people who have tried. Start here but read the entire thread:


Yup… I’m right there. Got hung up on QT trying to do it myself on my own server.

Found that thread and…it’s happily compiling as I type.