Beta 19 HTC problems etc


This version is lot’s of problems.

The HTC vive hand controllers work soemtimes, soemtimes not (advanced mode enabled) I lose regulair control so i cannot type / access menu or use the buttons. I where forced to abort using HMD.

At some point i did see 2 pointers when i tried to type on the on screen keyboard.

Other problem is my audio device i did not hear the sounds from high fidelity but i did hear sounds from steam. 1 hour before hifi changed my output device so i forced it back. (no steam,VR running) now i guess steamVR did not change thee sound from high fidelity. because when i where back on my desktop the sound where still on that audio device.

Also on my domain i did have a bit faster flashing on my HMD. on playa it did seems fine. but without control in HMD over the menu’s it’s hard to test.

Also to note, i did see this screen today.

Curious why using a HMD if i need to use always desktop mode to do or change things !?

ADD: The fading looks weird on my domain. not sure if i can give that a like. I think i preffer the old fast way. fading is in many times on pc silly bad and annoying. So i hope we can turn it off.

I hope there’s update before friday. or i betetr reverst back to beta 18

Beta Release 19

I did reset my interface.ini :expressionless: now i need to set all wrong settings correct again… pff, it feels like SL already in that corner.

But so far the hand controllers worked n ormal today. now time to update to latest version.

Latest update, fade still looks a weird effect i would turn off. On playa it looks a little bit better the fade.


Is a white screen really a good idea to tell you, something is wrong ? “Not connected”


Yes, a full white screen like that while wearing an HMD leads to flicker.

BTW, 5312 is much better in the sense that the render pipeline seems much better optimized.

However, independent mode no longer works.


The white screen where in desktop mode. not sure if it happens in HMD.

Curious why the colors are so broken since the fade is implemented. Still not get excited about the fade. I really hate that white look or white screen you need to watch at while the domain is loading. It’s just plain simple UGLY !

This picture is showing also by accident why the fade sucks. it’s doing it in very strange order. That i wish to turn it off at domain level.

and after things are loaded and the skybox seems to wake up things get better. when the skybox is laoded things are normal.


Other example, going to open. wait then , poof soemthing appears. meanbwhile i think why are the sunglasses not on my desk. and keep looking at a bright screen with strange loaed alpha. (collision / compound hull ?)

While later the other things came. and the over exposured setting is going away complete at the end. and tthis is lucky still in desktop mode.


I do not like the nuclear blast effect. How can it be removed (and please, do not say “that’s the beauty of open source”). It also reminds me too much of the death scenes in What Dreams May Come, a great movie about death and afterlife. There they used the fade-through-white effect aplenty. Do you want people associating HF with death?

Now I would not mind a fade from clear…


I believe someone at the meeting said the fade from white thing was a bug that they were going to correct, and that you were meant to see the starry sky, and/or the skybox first instead of white.

On the other hand, seeing all white at arrival on the domain actually made me think of those scenes in The Matrix involving the Construct (I think it was called), where people were walking around in a big, empty white space until someone conjured up a desired object, like “guns, lots of guns” (WHOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!! :smiley: ), but then I’ve never seen “What Dreams May Come.”


Turned Vsynch off, because you cannot work if you not see the vive on your desktop. and i thin it also not make much difference.

It;s already difficult enough to test something that need to work with hand controller. And there’s no good documentation how to read a action or button trigger. HMD on HMD off, with vsynch off you can at least try to peek on the desktop in HMD.


This version is really screwed. first i could again not control any hud button with the hand controller. Now that works, my on screen keyboard is still gonbe so i cannot teleport.