Beta 22 High Framerate and framerate drop


I noticed not smooth movement when turninmg left or right on my domain. Now on playa and there i see a HUGh framerate drop. But framerate is already for a while crazy high 300fps as example.

But dropping 20fps is not good. Lucky this framerate drop seems only to happen when it’s loading.

But still turning left or right got worse on my desktop. motion sickness like i did have in SL with bad framerate. Not sure what is changed , in the past my framerate where nice locked to my screen 100FPS. The last few build it does not happen anymore.

|With some content it seems to get less smooth.


Curious if this is not al;so a problem with windows 10 that things move less smooth.
The crazy framerate that is not locked to my screen refresh rate is soemthing else in high fidelity. Happen only in desktop mode in HMD it’s locked to max. 90fps.


Looks like nvidia have default vsync off. i now turned it on and the refreshrate is lock to 100hz on my desktop . I think rotating looks a bit more smooth now.

It still not solve motion sickness in desktop mode. VR is more smooth. Strange because desktop mode where smoother in the past. Mabye because lack of content ?

Secondlife does not like VSync :open_mouth: Need to look how to make profiles.


Richardus, I notice when you start up in desktop mode the frame rate is about 60 fps. But when I switch to HMD and then back to deskop. Desktop FPS goes to 400 fps (And the fans of my gtx 970 are blowung like crazy) do you have the same?


Not for me, when i login on desktop mode it’s already 400fps when the world is loaded on my domain.