Beta 24 problems


1. With beta 24, i get every time now dropped in welcome. and not anymore in the domain where i did logout. That’s annoying ! How can i set interface so it logs me back in where i stopped ?

2. i still get way to many “[hifi.gpu] New max GPU buffers” in the log.

Yes i still use the log for debugging scripts because i do not know abouyt other realtime log option for script feedback.

And after a break we proceed.

3. possible related with problem one. I just wnated to check more so i started to sandbox and login. and not i get dropped automatic in the localhost sandbox. and you cannot get out of it if you not know enter openes the goto panel. i do not want to test that right now. Get’s annoying Nvidia feeling.

This is not good anyway, because what about users that want to use high fidelity without HMD ? are the now stuck if the did install the content ?

4. Because problem one, the skybox zone is not loading after teleporting to my domain. SO it did not improved but got worse with beta 24.

Going to test the sandbox and see if that fix problem 1
-> Done the tutorial, that seems to solve problem one.

5. The new keyboard looks good, but the audio feedback is missing. and i really liked that (required) on the vive keyboard to confirm that you really did hit a key. So because the audio feedback i still love the vive keyboard more.

Waiting for audio feedback on the hifi keyboard when you press a key.

6. Golden oldie, the mouse cursor still dissapear sometimes. in this case when i tried to upload a model by url from the menu selected. And the ESC key is not working to exit from this window. Very hard to find the cancel button.


More problems with Beta24:


Whole lotta flickering checkerboard-pattern. Yeah, I noticed that at the domain stress test a week or two ago, too.


My avatar is standing still. it’s looking at a few simple entities that rotate. with at soem point one intersect the other, The log keeps filled with.

[10/27 15:14:36] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen texture count  3
[10/27 15:14:36] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen active texture count  1
[10/27 15:14:41] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen texture count  3
[10/27 15:14:41] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen active texture count  1
[10/27 15:14:46] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen texture count  3
[10/27 15:14:46] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen active texture count  2
[10/27 15:14:51] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen texture count  3
[10/27 15:14:51] [DEBUG] [hifi.glLogging] Current offscreen active texture count  1


7. There’s no reload button for the FBX and Compound url. So except scripts where still at square one and need to reload the cache over and over. with as result domains get more stressed because content need to be reloaded over and over.

8. After reload content. still not all content load. in this case the chair entities i placed as last. i now need to relog every time. Yes see point 7 why i need todo reload content.

9. Not sure what happend here and for sure not happy with it. The font in the goto bar got smaller on my desktop ! almost not readable now !

Unless the user can increase font size in the next version it need to be made bigger. And yes in my webbrowser it looks fine. in interface it’s bad.

If there’s option to make it bigger now. Tell me.

10. Blame Secondlife for it. :0 Just did export entities to json. But because soem entities are linked to the parent and invisible. i forgot to save it. The result is that the json is now missing soem parts.

Bug: export entities not save linksets if you not have select them.

----- New day ----

Last friday, my framerate dropped a few times to terrible low. last time it where really low. At that moment you also see that your out of graphics memory. Ok, you can fix the low framerate be relog. But everybody hate relog.

I get the feeling that high fidelity is loading more and more textures in the GPU memory, and when you teleport around between paths it only get worse.

But i get the feeling that high fidelity is neve removing textures from GPU memory.
Also the crashing / restarting avatar mixer i think is not helping much to and possible makes it worse.

Still think the draw distance is set way to high and that does not help with saving texture memory in the GPU or remove old textures from the GPU memory.

Just checked it again, with ever minigolf hole the GPU memory is going down.
When i have reached piper’s one from my 3.5GB (hifi shows that) is only 400MB or less left. Still no free up of memory from textures you not see anymore from previous minigolf course. And this is without other avatars.

This is now tested in desktop mode so the framerate keeps pretty stable. but in HMD it’s bad. yes mabye my GTX980 is not strong enough. but it must be enough.

Teleporting to playa is removing the previous textures. and free all GPU memory again. Now High Fidelity need to free up texture memory inside domains based on distance from the entity. (is it visible?)

11. I still get flashing with zones. When your inside other zone.

12. I noticed on the minigoldff it diod feel it worked. but i still cannot get up this small step.