Beta 33 doesn't run on Mac


It’s been talked about all over these forums, but since there hasn’t been any info released I thought I should post again: Beta 33 does not work on a Mac. Like others, I run my Vive on the PC but also use a Mac and I do a lot of HiFi editing on a macbook pro laptop. Or did. This release crashes HiFi every time I launch, requiring a ‘force quit’. During the moments before the crash, I can’t bring the tablet up on the laptop - it doesn’t recognize the “command-click” on the trackpad.

Here’s hoping for a quick fix? One of the first things I read and loved about HiFi was that is was cross platform.


Yes, this bug is impeding my workflow mightily, because I do most of my creating on the Mac, where I have my CC and other subscriptions. This means that I have to run back and forth between computers just to check things out. If this is the end of Mac support, that’s fine…just let me know.
I have been here long enough to know that ALL the devs used Apple initially, but, like me, found that Macs were unsuitable for the gaming/graphics needs of virtual reality.

Please fix this. Please let us know what’s up? Thanks, Franny