Beta 34 needed fixes


There’s one thing that worried me already with reading the list.

The tablet is not remember the last position you used it in desktop mode.
Instead it’s now opening where you click with the mouse. Not OK. You really want to have the tablet open on the position you set it. Not everytime somewhere else.

I want to pin the tablet at one position in desktop mode *left side screen) SO i always know where to move my mouse. It also would be nice to schrink the tablet automatic if you not hover the mouse on over the tablet. scale up when you do…

For now, how can i open the tablet always on the same position, this more annoying i think then move the tabklet always away. Did not listen to suggestion to remember the last position ?

And i hate the desktop icons because the are so tiny with text. Big text, tiny icon that worked pretty good in firestorm, because you not look for icons but for text.

Suggestion: small icons big text on button.

At the end i still need to move the tablet to the left side.
I want to pin the tablet in desktop mode to a position and always want it to open there.


Why is the keyboard appearing in the tablet in desktop mode ?

The tablet does not disappear when i click edit, i would swear i have seen worklist for it.

If i move the old tiny button hud down, the loading bar does not move up. (i would move the loading…) on top of my screen. Also not see how to make the old toolbar bigger.

Tried to get a fixed position for tablet, but only some angel knows which line and wich script to change. I really hate the tablet movement every time. This tablet change is a bit demotivating. i expected fixes. not make it worse. Not seeing a fix to change a script.

Problem with table View priority is still not fixt.

Users is extreme slow with loading the list. Also the button is grey.

Marketplace is still not really fast with showing something.

I really started to like the tablet in desktop mode, because you not have the buttons anymore on your screen. But not in this version :frowning: Hope the tablet get fixed soon in desktop mode. meanwhile. Try to row with 1 paddle.


Seeing double.

Thanks for many of the fixes on the MAC, it is working better.

The HUD…seems to double things.
Not a game breaker, but strange.

Will continue to test.


2 scripts running ? Sounds not logic. but only way i can explain it. This weird.

The tablet in desktop mode. Aargh, give me some glue ! tablet.gif

Animated gif on forum is a pain.


Yes, I had two default.js scripts running. Thanks.


Yes, it would have been nice if a standard were written for a semaphore a script could register and another script could query. This could be generalized into a capability map, like, say, ACPI or SCMGR, or the REST registration API, or,… never mind.

This is going to be very important when people want to hook into the flow of input messages, etc. Such architectures are not emergent phenomena. They require forethought. Something for the future needed yesterday.

Or, maybe it has been in planning and it is seekrit still?


Another problem with tablet in desktop mode. I have seen this problem a few times but then the other direction.

The problem is that the tablet is linked to the camera, instead to desktop.
With the result. That when your tablet is open and you cam in or out in edit mode. You get results like this. It’s zoomed in to close or it get zoomed out far away.