Beta Release 12 - Release Notes


Beta Release 12 includes up to Developer Release 4968.

Some updates you may find especially interesting:

  • A fix for the “stuck key” bug, which caused occasional bouts of unwanted drifting
  • Addressed performance issues introduced in the last release
  • Added a generic shape primitive
  • Added range based light attenuation
  • Reset HUD on driving (all platforms/modes), and don’t show overlays while driving–in the Vive, the HUD will go away when you move, then come back into focus when you stop
  • You can now designate no-fly zones

For the detail-oriented, the whole list:

  • Updates to ‘Tidy Bot’ on the Home content
  • Fix address bar becoming unusable after going backwards or forwards
  • Removed dead code for overlays/entities glow level
  • Makes edit.js more usable with hand controllers
  • Moving GL backend out of GPU. This is part 1 of OpenGL 4.5 support
  • Fix asset client crash
  • Turn off hand-controller pointer when Interface doesn’t have focus
  • Remove failed assertion in VrMenu
  • Fix -Wunused-variable
  • Fix floating AC Avatar at 0,0,0
  • Fix crash on shutdown from script timers
  • Fix mouse-grab moving both an overlay and an entity at the same time
  • A Fix to setting getting reset
  • Fix age of imported entities
  • Fix OSX warnings
  • Fix AvatarInputs spawning on bottom-left
  • Fix vsync halving fps
  • Fix shadow box that appears when flying
  • Fix crash on shutdown from scriptDownloaded callback
  • Improve performance of Light volume pass. Enables depth test for light volume pass to avoid working on hidden light volumes
  • Fix hand controller load and freezing
  • Fix entity disappearing when switching between models in asset-server
  • Fix crash from zero-sized copy
  • Allow edit.js to handle userData that is not in JSON
  • Reduce number of points in unreasonable convex hulls
  • Fix crash on shutdown in Debug
  • Update input plugins default active state & joint handling
    ** Remove the concept of ‘joints captured’
    ** The first valid pose encountered from an input plugin will be used
    ** Input plugins should only populate the pose map with valid non-identity transforms
    ** Migrate spacemouse to input plugin architecture, external project
    ** Migrate input device menu to Developer -> Avatar
    ** Default all input plugins to active
  • Fix distance-grabbing and walking at the same time
  • Add no fly zones
  • Send lookup hostname to DS for split counts, correct number of DS connected users
  • Avatar entities updates
    ** Entities can be associated with an owning avatar (avatarEntities)
    ** AvatarEntities live in local interface octrees but not in the entity-server octree
    ** AvatarEntities are sent to other interfaces via the avatar-mixer rather than entity-server
    ** AavatarEntities are saved to interface Settings and loaded from there on startup
  • Fix not being able to teleport to user when users window moved right
  • Remove old debug feature
  • Fix keys getting stuck
  • Fix broken procedural skybox when leaving and re-entering
  • Quiet gcc 5 warnings
  • Tidy zone flying and ghosting entities editor options
  • Fix throttling when Interface is not in focus
  • Restyle file browser
  • Add a generic shape primitive
  • Add Range Based Light Attenuation
  • Clear AddressManager previous lookup on 404
  • Make file dialog resizable and movable
  • Improved Avatar Mixer Rotation Precision
  • Optionally include the metaverse session ID as HTTP header when sending usage data
  • Fix a race that keeps some scripts from restarting
  • Fix collision of isPlaying property and slot for AudioInjectors
  • Fix hand controller pointer after input changes.
  • Check for all protocols matching when connecting to a domain
  • Send session ID in AccountManager without curly braces
  • Moving shape definition to a shared location
  • Bugfix for avatar LOD
  • Reset hud on driving (all platforms/modes), and don’t show overlays while driving.

This release is hot off the griddle and will be out there for you in ~20 minutes. Enjoy!

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The FAA moto, “we’re not happy, until YOU’RE not happy.”

I’m actually super-pumped about this specifically. Requires a new ServerConsole? Or is it built into Zones as an attribute?


There seems to be a new feature no-FPS zones. Is there a way to turn that off?



no First Person Shooter zones?


What does the new “Ghosting allowed” zone property do?


This looks intriguing. More info?

Most W00Tworthy.


If you create a box or a sphere entity in the edit UI, there is a new dropdown on the properties for that entity. This allows you to chose between a variety of shapes. Currently the available shapes are the 5 platonic solids and the sphere. Each shape is specifically scaled and rotated to fit into a unit cube (although I’m little unhappy that to get the ‘pointy’ end of a icosahedron on top you have to apply a roll, while to get the ‘flat’ end on top for a dodecahedron, you have to apply a pitch).

In the a future build I’m hoping to add ‘cone’, ‘cylinder’, and ‘torus’. Unfortunately, while the dimensions of a unit cone and cylinder are intuitive, the secondary radius of a torus is not. Most likely I will just use a secondary radius of half the primary, with the possibility of allowing you to specify a different secondary radius in the user properties.

All primitive shapes support procedural surfaces, like the original box and sphere.

You can also create the new types from scripts by using the entity type name “Shape” and specifying the shape property to be one of the supported shapes.


W00T to the power of W00T, then!

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