Beta Release 13 - Release Notes


Lucky Beta Release 13 includes up to Developer Release 5027.

Of particular note:

  • This release introduces support for Oculus Touch controllers
  • You can now access and configure custom domain controls in the security section of your domain, like so

  • Added an experimental feature in Advanced Settings -> Entity Server Settings, which allows you to set a period of time after which objects are removed, if they are set as temporary:

Give it a whirl and see what you think! Full release notes below.

  • Add audio peak limiter to audio mixer
  • Fix the jittering reflection bug and more Normal improvements
  • vhacd-util improvements
  • Fix domain max capacity to only count users (not scripted agents)
  • Make navigating directories in file browser dialog possible without double-clicking
  • Fix Avatar collision sounds triggering all the time
  • Make the application of redundant physics update idempotent to improve action glitches
  • Fix crash on shutdown of SteamVR
  • Fix crash on click on non-visible web-entity
  • Do not send stale vive data as valid after deactivating
  • Save toolbar position when moving it only when stopped moving it
  • Add leap hands to /system
  • Replace the linear interpolation embedded in the .WAV/.RAW loader with high quality polyphase resampling.
  • Fix bad convex hull simplification
  • Eliminate file IO contentions for settings
  • Removed innocuous “AvatarData packet size mismatch” warning
  • Add version number to avatar recording frame
  • Add Clipboard.getContentsDimensions() JavaScript method
  • Eliminate extraneous writes for unchanged values
  • Add Entities.getChildrenIDs() method
  • Camera steers avatar when walking
  • Fixed constant turn of 22.5 degrees in comfort mode
  • Add “Load Defaults” button to Running Scripts dialog and rename “Stop All” to “Remove All”
  • Select/Disable plugins via command line args
  • Fix OS X warning
  • Fix colors of buttons in Asset Browser dialog
  • AVX2 optimized audio resampler
  • New home content
  • Corrected Oculus Touch coordinate system so that hands track properly
  • Fix for models exported from Daz3D
  • Expose haptics to JS
  • Game pads work after falling asleep and being reactivated
  • Add support for ambient occlusion texture and lightmap texture for fbx exported from Blender
  • Fix height of Load Defaults button in Running Scripts dialog
  • Added MyAvatar.hmdLeanRecenterEnabled property used to disable the ‘room-scale’ avatar re-centering code. Disabling this can prevent sliding when the avatar is supposed to be sitting or mounted on a stationary object.
  • Add basic metadata to domains
  • Attempt to get better logging from pure virtual call crashes
  • Use shared CPUDetect.h for CPU detection
  • Re-instate domain API connection info refresh during failure, fix localhost connection after downgrade
  • Rework domain-level permissions
  • Fix some permissions-grid bugs
  • Fix import of invalid JSON file failing silently
  • Fix model export
  • Update
  • Fix avatar entity locking
  • Fix problem related to server-side extrapolation of children of avatars
  • Fix image2d overlay color property
  • Fix tabbing behavior in edit.js
  • Exposed orientation and eye position to procedural entity shaders
  • More verbose messaging about incorrect case in entity types
  • Reset Vive grip buttons to 0 if not pressed
  • Only signal once on a protocol mismatch with DS
  • Fixing issues with unclosed groups in settings persistence

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