Beta release 14 comments


Beta release 14, Whoopie my door is working again !

But why is my hud always disappearing in desktop mode as soon i start to move when i use the xbox controller. Thats not good ! So i lose stats and everything when am not in HMD mode. Makes watching stats very difficult… uhmm impossible.

Now how do i disable that ‘hide hud’ functionaliyt when i use the xbox controller ? In desktop mode !

This functionality is very irritating. and it takes so long before it appears again and you need to stop moving first.


Yes, it does that, a kind of modesty hiding while moving. It has a bug too in that not all the scripts re-render their windows when you stop. the default entity editor has this bug. The edit pane disappears when moving and fails to revert when you stop.


I think the error is that the forgot to check if desktop mode is selected or that you have selected some other device like openVR or Oculus.

If desktop is selected, do not fade the hud when moving is the solution.


In Settings > Avatar… there is an option called “Clear overlays when moving” - if you don’t like this behavior you can uncheck that option and your overlays will not disappear while moving.


Ok, but how do you keep it enabled for the vive at the same time ? and disabled for the desktop. it’s already problematic enough with audio devices between windows -> steam -> High fidelity now you need to switch everytime also the hud mode ?

Yiks ! :scream:

For now i need to disable it. until it’s implemented on device / view mode basis. It’s btw a nice idea ! if it can be easy turned off and on. Not so hidden under settings -> avatar.


That’s a good point. HMD mode is so different than desktop mode that it does make sense to have modal options/settings where feasible.


We’re trying to have the UI be as light and consistent as possible. There are quite a few possibilities, such as having different behavior for different headsets (e.g., room-scale vs sitting), or different domains, or desktop vs HMD, etc. Frankly, we don’t know for sure that a HUD is ever the right behavior, or static HUD, or a moving one, etc. We’d rather make it simple and uniform, and make things only as complicated as they need to be based on experience. So for now, there’s one big settings hammer: on or off.

And yet…

There’s also a prototype of some “pinned” behavior. Every HUD window that has a close button also now has a “pin” button right next to the close. If you pin a window, it stays on even when the hud get toggled off. Try it out and let us know what you think. Right now, the old “Avatar Inputs” window and the developer’s stats window don’t confirm to the reposition/resize/close/pin behavior, but if this turns out to be useful, we can look into making them conform.

Hopefully, between the option and the pinning, we can get a good sense of what the simplest useful behavior is.


Agreed, but that is more of an abstraction issue. A HUD is a set of elements imparting information and sometimes supporting dynamic changes. That’s the abstraction. The placement of that abstraction, whether painted on a floating pane, anchored onto an in-world object, wither attached to an avatar’s limb or hovering nearby is an implementation of that abstraction. So too is whether the placement changes depending on environmental context changes. Cleanly separate the virtual from the implementation and that might help keep the UI both simple and extensible.


Well, i did have some time to play with Beta 14.

Well, first the good things

  • The new HMD interface to click works pretty good.
  • Playa seems much more smooth today. need more testing and checking lod settings etc. I think some things did not show.

Now the bad things.

  • users.js missing on my screen and HMD. script is running !

  • HUD icons change spontanic from position. This happens most of the time when you switch between desktop and HMD mode. or interface close It also did happen directly after installation.

  • interface close when you close steam. weird because i switched to desktop mode before i closed steamvr. And not want to leave interface.

  • edit button disappeared in desktop mode.

  • Edit permissions are gone in HMD mode (edit permission denied)

  • Not functional in desktop mode, but you can select entities in the entities list.

See, No edit permissions anymore since beta 14 :(

Right now i cannot do anything in high fidelity,


You are not logged in.

Protocol change booted me too. Just log in.


My log get filled with

[06/28 13:53:54] [DEBUG] Logging activity "stats"

Just wiped my interface.ini so i have a fresh start and my edit button is back. and the icons are on the wrong position again too.

But my users online is back. Not sure what corrupted the interface.ini this time. it happens the last time more that you need to wipe it


Good thing

I can finaly walk in HMD mode on @judas domain without a shaky floor or getting green. It’s now a pretty smooth ride. only one building gave me a small problem with flashing.

Bad thing

In HMD mode i cannot edit parameters in teh QML properties windows. Simple example, i wanted to delete some entity and tried to adjust the search range to less then the annoying 100 meters. (canw e not set that lower by default ?) but the keyboard did not appear.

Other problem that hit me more times. I did logout with vive mode active, closed interface. closed steam(vr) , because not need it. started interface. switching to desktop. and no world !

Now watch the coordinates, i get placed for some reason on strange coordinate where i did not where bwhen i logged out !

And the last problem. not sure if it’s hifi or steam. The sound card settings drive me nuts. Steam did not resture my setting back to the onboard soundcard or hifi did not ? so i where again forced to switch manual. second time today. but the first time i blamed some a bad video for it. Sound is so annoying.

I think it’s better if you can assign what sound card what device need to use in high fidelity and bypass steam complete. steam is bad with sound device switching.
Just something simple when in desktop mode use this devices. when in vive use the other configured devices.



Do me a favor… you are literally the ONLY person online right now that I can attempt this with. I’ve been crashing everytime I try to load the “OPEN” domain experience.

Please warp to “open” and tell me what happens. I anticipate you will crash.

Thanks in advance…


Bumpier update than any previous ones. I followed the same procedure as normal. Updated interface, shut down the old server, added interface and sandbox to applications. Started the server. The remote server wont even ‘go home’ and I can not connect locally to that server though I can connect to my own sandbox and to Playa.

I’m in communication with the host’s customer support, in the meantime Equus is down.


Uhmm standby.

Teleported from SimSquare to Open. see starts, turning. Getting a WSOD. And i crashed on your domain
Log directly into your domain i did see some mesh. then a WSOD, and… crashed again !


I will not give a “like” on this comment, but I DO appreciate you replicating my results. Please paste your system specs, just the basics… like OS, monitor size, graphics hardware.


In the meantime, I’m going rouge on this shit…

@Richardus.Raymaker … please try once more.

@leviathan I have reason to believe the Static Mesh physics hull has an “upper-limit” I intend to comprise the Port Terminal as a sum of it’s parts… but in the meantime, lets get the word out about whatever is causing the string of crashes that I was submitting this morning.



ouch I have customer support on the phone. Logs are saying something isn’t being reassigned. They’re restarting the whole thing now. ::crosses hooves::


I found a nice option in steamvr for that.

SteamVR Version 2016-06-09 (1465424737)
Steam:	Public (Public)
Tracking:	lighthouse
OS:	Windows 10 (
Direct Mode Graphics:	NVIDIA (368.39)

Admin:	No
Allow Reprojection:	Yes (Good)
Force Reprojection:	No (Good)
Performance drops:	0/1 0/2 0/3 0/4 0/1640
User IPD (m):	0.0602

Displays - Direct Mode
Display 0: \\.\DISPLAY1 1920x1080 @ (0, 0) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Primary 
Monitor 0: \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0 Generic PnP Monitor

Display 1: NvAPI 2160x1200 @ (0, 0) NVIDIA Direct Mode  Direct Mode

Second monitor is off, that’s why there no specs.
A like about a bad news. well that would be strange.


It now works !, no crash


Thank you for those results.


This physics hull “Static Mesh” isn’t working as expected.