Beta Release 14 - Release Notes


Beta Release 14 includes up to Developer Release 5068.

Of particular note:

  • Improvements to the Vive UI with regard to how hand controllers work
  • High Fidelity now supports physics from visual mesh for static mesh entities, which should be good news for folks in this thread

Full release notes:

  • make audio device selection available to basic menus
  • fix reporting of JSON export failure
  • fix to edit.js logging
  • log file spam cleanup
  • add face camera option to edit.js text entity properties
  • let user choose an existing file in the file save dialog
  • hide users.js options when logged out
  • fix domain-server permissions-grid usernames to be case insensitive
  • fix skeleton switching bug
  • fix entity lifetime guards for temporary object domain rights
  • fix domain metadata settings
  • add operating hours to domain metadata
  • fix setting velocity of inactive kinematic RigidBody
  • add client-side session id generation and new user activities
  • support physics from visual mesh for static mesh entities
  • add heartbeats to metaverse for temporary domains
  • add build version to heartbeat
  • removed buggy Mac Hydra support
  • fix initial visibility of QML windows from scripts
  • fix for grab script search ray length
  • cap lifetime rather than reject edits from nodes which only have tmp-rez rights
  • automatically enter first person when in HMD mode
  • improve Vive hand controller UI
    ** manipulate and interact with HUD elements using hand controller trigger.
    ** text fields open the Vive virtual keyboard.
    ** better HUD positioning
    ** UI buttons for common operations
  • updates to hand controller/equip behavior
    ** equipable entities display a green ball when you partially trigger.
    ** equip by trigger with your hand inside the equip location
    ** you can then use trigger to “fire”.
    ** release by holding the object upside down and shaking while triggering


Beta Release 14.1, a hotfix:

  • fix metadata hours migrations for new users/version bumps


How important is that hotfix for beta 14 users with running domain ?


That hot fix fixes a bug in the domain-server. The bug would cause the domain to not properly start depending on the domain settings. If your domain is running ok, then you don’t need the hot fix.


When you go into View / Overlays at the top to get rid of everything It doesn’t work any more this makes it very difficult to take pictures and film am I missing something or do you guys need to fix this so there’s a new setting for getting rid of everything as you seem to be using this further hud now ?


The current design is that HUD button never goes away, so that you can bring the HUD back. You can move the button to an edge, if you like.

We are considering some other options, such as toggling the HUD only from the context menu, without there ever being a HUD button.


Would you like to talk to about this in the open meeting on Friday


I always wished that high fidelity did have a checkbox to enable or disable automatic Ui elements when you take snapshot.

I hope the still would add that. now it always did came back after the first snapshot.

If you move the hud button to the menu, make it eady and fast accesaable from hmd.

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