Beta Release 15 - Release Notes


Beta Release 15 includes up to Developer Release 5103.

  • Don’t enter independent camera mode through edit.js in HMD mode
  • Mini mirror/multi-monitor bug fixes
  • Clean up camera scripting interface
  • Fix bugs with Entities.addEntity
  • Reduce users window flicker when restart script
  • Vive UI improvements
  • Fix metadata hours parsing on Mac
  • Improve hand controller pointer accuracy
  • Limit hand controller actions to recommended area
  • Simplify domain connection refusal dialog checking
  • Updates to bow and arrow
  • Limit static mesh vertex count
  • Update reticle from hand controllers only when triggered
  • Don’t automatically hide the Tool window when toggling the pinned state on the desktop
  • Remove the head pose roll from the cursor transformation
  • Fix snapshot dialog rendering
  • Allow scripts to receive a visibility changed signal from their windows
  • Allows the ability to override position and radius of equip-hotspot
  • Allows multiple equip-hotspots per entity with different attach-points per hotspot.
  • Allows the user to equip an object while near or far grabbed by the other hand.
  • Don’t render wire geometry with lighting effects
  • Distinguish between file name and directory as prompt in file chooser
  • The HUD/Switch/Mute/Goto/Examples/Edit buttons now have an “activated” visual that reflects their state.
  • When the keyboard is dismissed, unfocus the text field in a window
  • Don’t auto-focus text fields when opening most dialogs
  • Properly render UI coloring based on activeFocus, not focus
  • Fix multiple sessions being created for some users

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