Beta Release 16 - Release Notes


Beta Release 16 includes up to Developer Release 5179. This release has some pretty significant upgrades on a couple of fronts.

Vive UI

  • Frikken Lasers* - grab and select lasers now look more like real lasers with configurable glow, color and hot spots at their ends
  • Expansive window decoration - on windows that can be moved, pinned or closed, when you hover your laser on their containers, the targets get larger making it easier to move them, close or pin them.
  • Changes that make it easier to select menu items
  • Conversion of edit.js toolbar to new api (makes it easier to move)
  • Improved and configurable equip behavior.
    ** When you get your hand close to an equip point, an indicator animates into view.
    ** When you pass your hand through the equip point, you get some haptic feedback.
    ** When you re-position the object, drop it and re-equip it, it remembers the position
    ** When you turn your hand over, the equip indicator appears and you get a haptic pulse letting you know you can drop it
    ** When you turn your wrist to drop and trigger click, it transitions from equip to grab
    ** You can specify your own equip model and its size in user data
  • On near grabbing an object, you get a haptic pulse
  • When you are far grabbing an object and you move your body, the object doesn’t fly away


  • There was a math error causing audio to drop off more sharply than it should have at certain distances. This fix should give you a much more realistic experience. 3D sounds now carry much farther and attenuate more correctly with distance.
  • There is a new codec that compresses the audio to be 4x smaller than before, without any perceptible change in quality. It is a totally unique design that we developed specifically for VR: the “High Fidelity Audio Codec”, or HFAC for short.
  • Sounds from collisions and other sound effects have lower latency, so for example playing a drum will feel better because the movement and sound will be better in sync.
  • Sounds that you play locally (noone else can hear) can now be 3D spatialized.

The nitty gritty is below:

  • Fix the AudioMixer distance attenuation.
  • Improved audio pipeline: remove all hard clipping and improve audio quality.
  • Don’t show user’s border when hover mouse if logged out
  • Prevent users window from being dragged off screen
  • Snapshot takes picture of HMD window instead of preview
  • Fix TypedArray byte ordering and .subarray indexing. Fixes a few small but critical bugs in the JS TypedArrays implementation:
  • Fix canRezTmp logic (incorrectly) resets valid lifetimes to the maximum value
  • Fix export entities by region
  • Fix modTouchscreen camera input for Interface
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when switching between several domains too fast.
  • Add teleportation to the array of movement options.
  • Support alpha and color gradients in circle overlays
  • New javascript for ray picking against avatars
  • Various snapshot improvements
  • Fix MyAvatar name and url accessors.
  • Expand frame decoration when mouse is over a window in HMD mode
  • Fix orientation being reset to 0,0,0,1
  • Audio codecs support.
  • Update max request limit and number of processing threads
  • Spatialization and HRTF for local audio injectors
  • Ignore Avatar featureel overlays not correctly scaling
  • Basic hand-controller editing
  • Added Mac preview image if VSync is enabled
  • Add missing loading images for Asset Browser
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Fix rendering of overlay spheres with alpha
  • Ensure newly shown windows are popped to the top of the zorder
  • Fixed issues in some popup windows
  • New entity collision shape options
  • Support for glowing 3D line overlays
  • Interface changes for new Marketplace
  • Refresh feature/grab script polish
  • Support for scale property on model overlays.
  • Improved throwing with hand-controllers.
  • Improved HRTF
  • Update all asset server responses to be reliable
  • Menu & hand controller polish
  • Toolbar improvements
  • Delete old Interface logs
  • Fix hover states for toolbar buttons
  • Make search line termination a circle, like 2D UI
  • Grab Script Improvements
  • Fix decoration inflation
  • Grab Script Polish
  • Fix hover states for toolbar buttons
  • Support triangle and hexagon shapes, add shape support to overlays.
  • Injectors now always play locally, and send to server without echo
  • Actually delete textures we’re not using
  • Improve throwing release velocity
  • Changes for hifi Codec plugin building on Linux
  • Cleanup resources used by offscreen GL surfaces
  • Ensure the pause overlay is unlit (emissive)
  • Far-grabbed objects no longer fly away when the avatar body shifts
  • Fix crash with multiple solo nodes in closeCurrentPacket
  • Show up to three suggested domains when you bring up the GoTo address bar. Clicking on picture takes you there. Can filter results by typing. To have a domain appear in Suggestions:
    ** You must add a photo to your place name
    ** Your domain must be open

NOTE: This release includes a protocol change, so you will need to update. Download it here.

-* @ryan’s terminology. :wink:

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