Beta Release 18


Beta Release 18 includes up to Developer Release 5240.

Of note in this release is the addition of a “kick” feature, in case you’d like to boot someone out of your domain. We’ve also added group functionality to the domain server.

Full release notes are as follows:

  • Fix depth state caching / resetting
  • Better allocation of CPU time while loading scenes and when slow scripts are running
  • Asset browser ui: Add dynamic and collision shape selection to add to world flow from asset browser.
  • Deferred batches: Part 1 of a project to migrate backend rendering execution off the main thread. This will cause all batches to be generated for a frame, and once the frame is complete, cause all the batches to be executed, rather than doing a per-batch build/execute
  • Tuned haptic pulses for grab, release, equip, de-quip on the Vive
  • Fix alpha cut-outs and incorrect gamma on web overlays and entities
  • Fixes a bug in Assets.getMapping where it wasn’t providing the hash value back to the QML callback.
  • Groups: Permissions can be granted or revoked based on users’ memberships in groups within the Domain Server security section.
  • Add OverlayWebWindow resized, moved, and closed signals
  • New Progress.js capability that corrects displays scene loading
  • Add the ability to kick (via mod.js)
  • Add IP based permissions to domain-server settings
  • Allow the ability to grant other users kick permissions.
  • If the oculus HMD isn’t on someone’s head, don’t take input from the controllers
  • Bug fix for avatar debug marker rendering.
  • Tweak Teleport + Hand Lasers
  • Added dead zones to Hydra and Oculus Touch joysticks
  • Implement codec renegotiation in client
  • Fix remote triggering handControllerGrab
  • Fix bug which caused getValue for a non-existent key to return the integer 2
  • Fix some group-related code to handle CamelCase usernames
  • Close file browser dialog immediately after selecting asset to upload
  • Use default avatar when avatar-url is bogus
  • Fix parsing of embedded entity scripts
  • Avoid DS heartbeats with non-metaverse domain ID
  • Adjust some values so that it’s easier to unequip something by pulling it away from the hand


If the oculus HMD isn’t on someone’s head, don’t take input from the controllers

Is this also for the HTC vive HMD ? Because it bites me many times.

Added dead zones to Hydra and Oculus Touch joysticks

Does the xbox one controller have deadzones now to ?

Another things. this version seems to have a protocol change.
So newer interface.exe versions cannot connect to older sandboxes.


looks like the servers haven’t been updated ? I’m on sandbox now


Get the same in sandbox. SO the run behind with servers.


@Richardus.Raymaker @MichelleLeckrone please try again.


Everything seems all good now @leo


Yes it works now fine. except the sandbox looks really like a sandbox :grinning:

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